Toro Timemaster Review: Is It a Wise Investment For Your Garden?

 Toro-Timemaster-review.Finding the time to keep your lawn nice and trim might be difficult if you have a large yard and a hectic schedule. The Toro TimeMaster 21199 is designed to address this issue by mowing lawns up to 40% faster than ordinary lawnmowers.

The key is in its 30″ broad mowing deck, which allows you to mow more land in less time by covering more territory at once. Not only that but Toro’s Dual-Force cutting mechanism promises an excellent finish.


The Toro TimeMaster 21199 is a self-propelled treadmill that adapts to your walking speed. It has features to help you save time and work while also receiving the greatest and most professional-looking cut possible.

Toro’s Dual-Force Cutting System and Atomic blades, which shred grass into a fine mulch, are highlights. Meanwhile, you may manage your mowing height with the two-point height-of-cut.

There’s also a quick-stow storage handle and a washout port for cleaning under the mower’s deck. The Personal Speed with Traction Assist, which self-propels to match your walking pace and keeps everything level even on tricky terrain, gives you complete control.

Features of Toro Timemaster

Brand TORO

Power Source Gas Powered

Item Dimensions 65.7 x 32.2 x 44.3 inches

Material Steel Deck, Cast-Aluminum Frame

Color Red


Item Weight 140 Pounds

Cutting Width 30 Inches




Review of Toro Timemaster

This review will give you my honest review of this mower. Before I go any further, let me state that this mower is quite pricey. It is the website for you to buy Toro 21199 and read the original Toro 21199 review. You must verify the pricing.

Three options in one:

Three options in one:

You should choose the mower with three functions if you want the greatest gas-powered lawnmower for your mid-to-large yard. This mower features a three-in-one option, which makes it unique.

Using this mower, you may collect all grass cuttings and blow them away from your yard. You may also disperse all of the grass clippings that result after mowing. It allows you to choose the rare bag, side discharge, and mulching options.

You return essential nutrients to your lawn by releasing grass clippings, causing the grasses to develop stronger, thicker, and faster.


If you want a finer cut on your lawn with tough grasses, you should choose a mower with powerful and sharp blades. This mower has razor-sharp blades that are composed of long-lasting, high-quality materials. It can chop tough grasses in one pass.


If you wish to mow hilly terrain or if your lawn has a lot of rough spots, you should invest in a mower with broad wheels. Because uphill mowing in steep terrain is difficult, broad wheels are important for more traction. The wider the wheels, the better the traction.
This mower has large wheels, so you won’t worry if your lawn has rocky or steep portions. With this mower, you can effortlessly mow these difficult places.

Impact Resistance:

The steel bullnose front fender, brush guard, and engine guard provide excellent protection against unintentional damage or harm caused by obstructions such as pebbles. These characteristics serve to keep components that are particularly vulnerable to damage out of harm’s path.


Pushing a push mower across rocky terrain is tough. If your lawn is short, a push mower will suffice. However, if you have a huge yard, a push mower will need too much work.

Self-propelled capability is included with this mower. It will assist you in mowing difficult portions of your lawn. So you don’t have to push it; all you have to do is direct it. So, if you want an easier way to cut a vast, uneven, and mountainous lawn, a self-propelled mower is the way to go.

Automatic drive system

The automated drive system uses driving technology that adapts to the pace of your movement. The lawnmower speed will rise when you raise your walking speed to keep up. The mowers will slow down to match your walking speed as you slow down.
It makes mowing much more enjoyable for you. This machine weighs 140 pounds and is easy to manoeuvre around obstacles like trees.

Height of cutting:

If you wish to cut a variety of grasses on your lawn, your mower should be capable of doing so. There are two storage locations on this mower.

This mower can give a professional lawn appearance while cutting grasses. You may acquire a cutting height of 1.25 in.

Simple to Store

Our storage facilities are restricted in size. As a result, the mower we choose must be simple to store. There are two storage locations on this mower. You may conveniently store this mower in remote areas. It frees up additional room for you to store other vital goods.

System to Stop Blades:

Using this simple mechanism, the user may stop the blades without turning off the entire machine. It saves time and provides an additional degree of safety when you need to take a break to move impediments out of the path or empty the grass bag.


Toro’s push mowers have a deck washout system, which is a nice feature. They have a nozzle that you can attach your hose to, which will take care of the rest. Water may stream through the grooves on the inside of the steel deck, knocking off any clumps of tiny clippings.
Toro also understands that changing the oil in your mower is not your ideal weekend activity. You do not replace the oil. It seems to burn out or something, but all you have to do is replenish it when you see it is running low. That is why the “no oil change” mower was developed.


A solid guarantee always backs Toro mowers. Also, This Warranty is for the entire vehicle, not just the engine. Moreover, it comes with a three-year start-up Warranty. These outstanding Warranty that demonstrate the manufacturer’s faith in the mowers’ capacity to last a long period.


  1. Dual blade system
  2. Self propel system
  3. Deck height can easily be adjustable.
  4. Handles are foldable


  1. low powered
  2. The self-propeller feature was a little troublesome for some users.

Final words

I appreciate how easy this mower is to store. One of my worries with this large mower is how much space it will take up in our garage. This contraption folds up to only approximately 30 inches of garage space when not in use.

This mower is ideal if you have a large yard and seek the finest self-propelled gas lawnmower. This mower is simple to use and start. It’s really simple to store. This mower also boasts several unique characteristics: large wheels, sharp blades, and high-quality materials. You may also check other lawnmowers by clicking here.