Ariens Ikon X52 review: Tested & Reviewed 2023

Ariens Ikon X52 reviewSeveral factors to consider while switching from a manual lawn mower to a mountable lawnmower. The size of the grass, the obstructions on the lawn, and the space available in your garage. Moreover, you should also check the regularity of mowing the lawn are all factors to consider.


The Ariens 915223 IKON-X 52 mower is for large residential lawns. With this machine’s 23 HP Kawasaki engine and 52-inch broad, 3-blade cutting deck, you can easily mow numerous regions.

This mower has a sleek, appealing look with its dark-orange hue and stylish design. When you look at it, you can tell that it was made with care and attention.

Since the engine is at the back of the mower, the operator has an excellent view of the ground ahead while using zero-turn steering. With improved sight, you can mow at maximum speeds while trimming 52-inch sections of grass with each pass.

The steering bar mechanism allows you to turn 180 degrees in a small space swiftly. This feature also enables turning around and mowing the next grass strip without leaving any space between it and the previous strip quickly and easily.

Features of Ariens Ikon X52 review

Brand Ariens

Dimensions of item 77.5 x 63.4 x 40.9 in

Color Orange/Black

Item Weight 635 Pounds

Operation Mode Automatic

Features of Ariens Ikon X52



Review of Ariens Ikon X52 review

I frequently require a lawnmower that is both manually operable and easily mountable. There are possibilities for this type of mower on the market. The ideal mower for you is determined by the amount of space in your garage, the frequency with which you mow, and the types of obstructions you cut.

I’ll now go over the features and general quality of the Ariens 915223 IKON-X 52 mower. I trust that these ARIENS mower reviews will assist you in making an informed decision.


The Ariens 915223 Zero Turn Mower is also known for its durability and ease of operation. The mower’s suitability for both experts and amateurs accounts for its widespread popularity among lawn lovers.

It is fitted with two hydrostatic EZT transaxles, enhancing reaction time and making a trimming process controller.

The twin-arm lift has a commercial design with a 4-point suspension mechanism that allows blades to cut the grass uniformly for better platform stability.

Furthermore, the mower has a high backrest and armrests, making it the ideal lawn mower for small yards and ensuring great levels of working comfort. The cushioned levers reduce vibrations significantly during operation.

Zero-Turn Steering

The steering bars on this mower could take some time to get used to. Many people prefer steering bars to traditional steering wheels since they put less pressure on your hands during extended mowing sessions. To understand how to utilize this steering mechanism, most people require a few minutes of practice on a flat surface with no adjacent obstructions.

Steering bar

The steering bars move upward to allow operators to enter the seat. The parking brake mechanism is activated when the bars are raised. The parking brake is released when you pull the bars down after seating. When the front wheels are lowered, pushing and pulling the bars forward and back together, you must adjust the alignment of the steering bars regularly.

Flexible Cutting Options

Cutting jobs are not all created equal. The length and height of the mowing vary from neighbourhood parks to school football fields. And the ideal mower is defined by its versatility and ease of use in various cutting activities. Based on my own experience, the Ariens 915223 is one of the most flexible mowers available today.

Cutting Height

It comes with three blades from the manufacturer, each with an adjustable cutting height. Since the previous “pin and lever” method has been practically removed, determining the exact cutting height has become more precise.

The mower also has 13 cutting height adjustments ranging from 15 inches to 4.5 inches in tiny increments and an upgraded platform lift controlled by the foot.

Hydraulic transmissions

The hydraulic gear drive makes this mower’s driving easier, eliminating the need to change the gears to raise or reduce the speed manually. You can mow at 11 kilometres per hour.

The gearbox is for sloping lawns with obstructions like flowers, trees, and plants that many lawnmower manual gearboxes can’t handle. With this hydraulic gearbox, you can drive like a vehicle.


This engine has a cutting capacity of 720 ccs and a power output of 23 horsepower, allowing you to traverse the grass swiftly. The Kawasaki FR691 engine makes it a dependable and durable motorcycle.

It is simple and easy to start the engine. Set the throttle to “slow” and the ignition key to “start,” then release it when the engine starts. Check that the PTO knob is turned off, the steering handles are stable, and the parking brakes are set before starting the mower.


Ariens 915223 can handle any difficult cutting projects. Many mowers will not embark on a wide variety of sizes. Or they’d run out of steam or slow down during the day. Take a golf course.

The Kawasaki 726 cc FR V-Twin engine of the Ariens 915223, on the other hand, is much more powerful than comparable corded electric lawnmowers. Trimming even the largest yards becomes a breeze, and cutting time is cut in half.

Trim Consistency

The Ariens Ikon X 52 Inch trims well and consistently. You won’t have to go over a flat lawn again, but the no-turn option allows you to mow straight over it. If you have a lumpy lawn with nooks and crannies, hills and valleys, the mower comes in handy since you can cut in a straight line to guarantee your grass is trimmed absolutely level.

Cutting Deck

This lawnmower’s cutting deck is heavy-duty manufactured 11-gauge steel. It includes anti-skid wheels around the deck’s edge to keep the blades from slamming into the ground when traveling through rough terrain. Around the cutting blades, the deck retreats 4.5 inches.

The deck has a hand-operated mechanism to choose from 13 different cutting heights from 1.5 to 4.5 inches. The deck is then elevated or lowered using a foot-operated lever on the right side of the floor area. The deck is tightly secured to the mower’s base using a commercial-style 4-point hanger.

The deck and blades extend slightly beyond the mower’s left side wheels. This structure enables you to mow up to a curb or other construction while maintaining the wheels off the ground and providing a clear view of the cutting line.

Grass Clippings

One disadvantage for us is that you cannot bag grass cuttings. Bagging is now an option on many mowers, either standard or add-on. A bag or a grass tray cannot be attached to the mower. Expect cleanup and the inability to utilize your lawn right after trimming (with the mulch).

However, the mulch is excellent – there is no clumping – it decomposes gently and evenly into the lawn thanks to the three-blade deck. It boasts one of the best mulching systems I’ve ever seen on a mower.


You should have enough space to store this mower. It tends to take up too much space. However, if you have a lawn that requires such a mower, you almost surely have the space! Additionally, wherever you keep it, make sure the door and approaches to the grass area are at least 60 inches wide; any narrower and the lawnmower may struggle to go through.


  1. Mowing time was virtually cut in half.
  2. Can properly set the cutting height
  3. Deck stability is greater.
  4. Vibrations are less when using padded levers.


  1. There is no mulching set included.
  2. On swampy soils, wheels tend to slide.


Will the mower function on lawns that are slanted?

The wheels and the incredibly strong motor make inclined hill trimming a breeze. However, you might lose much of the wheel traction and stability on marshy and undulating ground.

Is it necessary for me to spin the mower 180 degrees each time I need to mow back?

Certainly not! The IKON-X 52 has a zero-turn function that lets you mow backwards without turning the mower 180 degrees. However, be wary of obstructions behind you, and only reverse mow when necessary.

How much is the mower’s inclination rating?

The mower is set at 15 degrees of inclination. However, on some slopes, it can go a little further than 15, but I wouldn’t suggest it.

Final words

The majority of consumers praised the competitive pricing and strong engine of the Ariens 915223 IKON-X. The machine offers enough mowing power to ensure effective grass cutting. Even though the mower’s low wheelbase might cause it to wheelie while towing a large trailer load up a minor incline, it is still steerable. While the ride might be rough, many consumers believe the mower’s advantages exceed its disadvantages and are a worthy investment.