Best Gas Lawn Mowers Under $100: Reviews & Buying Guide

Two-Best-Gas-Lawn-Mowers-Under-100If you love gardening or just love decorating and maintaining your garden for aesthetic purposes, getting a good and affordable lawn mower will be your first consideration.

A lot of people do not want to invest in an expensive lawn mower due to several reasons; they do not have a large garden, lawn, or yard area, or they might not need it so frequently as compared to the people who have to maintain their lawn weekly or monthly.

It is quite a known fact that most lawnmowers start from 500$ to 2500$ depending on their capacity, noise level, sharpness, and preciseness.

Many consumers look for cheaper alternatives that do not compromise the quality of the gas lawn mower. Getting a gas lawn mower for under 100$ seems like an impossible task, especially if you are looking for a gas lawn mower online.

This article will help you find the two best gas lawnmowers for under 100$ and also provide the conditions for finding one that matches your budget and needs.

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Best Gas Lawn Mowers Under $100
Editor's ChoiceBLACK+DECKER 21-Inch 3-in-1 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower

  • Cutting Width: 21 Inches

  • Power Source: Gas Powered

  • Style: 40cc Briggs & Stratton Engine

PowerSmart Push Lawn Mower Gas Powered

  • Power Source: Gas Powered

  • Material: Alloy Steel

  • Cutting Width: 21 Inches


Best Gas Lawn Mowers Under $100- Top 2023

Best Gas Lawn Mowers

 The gas lawnmowers listed in this guide have been analyzed based on their usage, durability, and performance. The products listed here have been tested and reviewed based on their provided specifications.

BLACK+DECKER 21-Inch 3-in-1 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower

Power Source Type: Gas Powered

Cutting Width: 21 Inch



A reliable and effective yet affordable gas-powered lawn mower is the black+decker lawn mower that comes at a great price. The lawn mower works so great by utilizing the side discharge clipping of the grass so that the special nutrients that are healthy for the soil are returned to it.

This lawn mower is great for a medium-sized lawn that covers more surface area and has seven-inch front and rear wheels. The cutting measurements are the same as the power smart mower, i.e. 21 inches, and the engine has a similar 140 cc power.

The construction of lawn mower is made of sturdy steel, which is easy to grip and use. This mower also has six different height adjustment settings to help you with gardening. The cutting function is not as powerful, but it can be used in small, cornered spaces that are otherwise difficult to mow.

User Feedback

The consumers are satisfied with the overall product design of the gas lawn mower, saying that it is lightweight and easy to use yet powerful enough to move around a medium-sized lawn or yard area. The grass catcher can be easily detached from the mower and is easy to clean. Because of the self-propulsion feature, it performs much faster than even the most expensive lawnmowers.

Another 75-year-old consumer mentioned that the lawn mower does not get stuck or slow down even in the wettest and most moist soil. Gliding the mower in a back-and-forth direction is quite easy, even for a person with joint and back problems. The service, oil change, and gas filling functions are super easy too, which makes the mower easier to maintain a small to medium-sized lawn.

The mower can easily be assembled by following simple instructions from the mower package. It only requires one pull, but the grass is easily cut with its power, and the mulching function is super effective. The only downside is the long cables which might interfere with the grass catcher so they make the mower maneuver difficult at times. Overall, the lawn mower is easy to use, effective, and adjustable for anyone who wants to use it.

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My verdict on the product:

Overall, I think for a lesser price, this gas lawn mower is perfect for small to medium areas of lawn, which are typically easier to maintain than large ones. The features are easy for people of all ages, and the gliding and strong performance of the mower makes it a great option. I highly recommend it.


  • It does not require to be assembled (instant usage)
  • Sturdy steel body
  • Engine oil comes with the lawn mower
  • Great side discharge function


  • The engine makes a lot of noise

PowerSmart Push Lawn Mower Gas Powered

Power Source Type: Gas Powered

Cutting Width: 21 Inch



This power smart gas-powered lawnmower works with a push function and comes with an easy installation manual to assemble and install it yourself.

The cutting width or the blade width of this lawn mower is around 21 inches, perfect for flat surfaces, making it ideal for small to medium-sized yards and lawn areas. This lawn mower comes with 3 cutting options which include: mulching, side discharge, and rear bagging options. It comes with a good gripped steel handle which you can easily fold for compact mower storage.

The engine power of this lawn mower is 140 cc and you can easily start it by pulling the cord attached to it. It has great performance capability and good engine power with an auto-choke feature, so you do not have to pull the cord multiple times; it just starts immediately. It also has six different height adjustment options for further ease of use.

It has reliable eight-inch tires that you can maneuver on any surface: loose or firm ground making sure the tires glide on slanted areas with lesser leaves as well. It also has a good two-year warranty, so you can use it conveniently without worrying about it.

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User feedback: 

The consumers mention that this particular lawn mower is great for a small lawn area and is a lightweight yet powerful push lawn mower accompanied by a bag. They also praise how easy it is to operate this lawn mower, which can be easily stored in a small area by folding it, making saving space easy.

Additionally, the users mention that all they had to do was gas up and oil the engine, and the mower is good to go and start in one pull rather than constantly pulling the cord. The wheel adjustment is quick and easy too, and it can be used on a larger yard if maintained correctly.

Overall, the customers seem satisfied with the product’s usage, durability, and performance and that it does not need to be assembled when it comes to your home, saving you time and energy.

My verdict on the product:

Overall, this lawn mower is a great investment if you want quality and durable performance on a medium to large lawn area. It does not budge or lock and is great for use on any surface, making gliding easier.


  • Great two-year warranty
  • Single pull start-up of the engine
  • Engine oil is included with the package


  • The engine is quite noisy

How To Maintain Your Gas Lawn Mower

Even if you get a gas lawn mower at a discounted price, you can still ensure it works and lasts as well as its expensive counterparts. Following are some of the considerations that will ensure your lawn mower is well-maintained for years to come.

  • Change Spark Plug

Many users may not be familiar with the usage of the engine and may pull on it a little harder, which messes up the spark cable that connects to the engine. Due to this, the engine might face starting-up issues. Make sure to change it from time to time because over-using the mower can cause the spark plug to be damaged over time, or the gasoline build-up may hinder its start-up.

  • Change the Air filter

An air filter is an essential component of the gas lawn mower, which keeps the impurities out of your mower engine. When a gas lawn mower is started, it is fueled by gasoline which is burned to start the engine. As a result, the air filter may become greasy and blocked by dirt within the system.

It is usually visible when the engine releases blackened fumes or strange sounds. Make sure you change it every three months for smooth functionality.

  • Service

To ensure the lawn mower lasts longer, clean it thoroughly to eliminate the grass clippings that might hinder the engine’s performance.

Buying Guide

Buying a gas lawn mower is a great investment. Still, most people are intimidated by the diverse set of options available on the market and make the worst choice based on false reviews and misleading articles. Following are some suggestions you need to follow for getting a lawn mower:


This is by far the most negative trait of gas lawnmowers. They are not as quiet as you would want them to be because they are powered by gas. But this can be solved or reduced to a much more tolerable situation by selecting a smaller-sized engine.

Blade measurements:

The measurements of the blade depend on the measurements of your lawn or yard area. If it is quite large, you might need a lawn mower with a bigger blade that covers the entire area in less time. On the contrary, if you have a smaller to medium lawn area, you won’t need a larger blade; anything will do as long as it does not take too long to mow the yard.

Engine specs:

Probably the most important thing you should consider while buying is the engine power of the gas lawn mower. The power will determine the level of exertion needed to use the lawn mower effectively.

Typically, lawn mowers come with self-propulsion technology, so you don’t have to invest all your energy trying to use the lawn mower around your lawn.

This list and buying guide are specially formulated to showcase the two best gas lawn mowers for under 100 dollars which will help you determine what lawn mower model fits your budget.


Can you adjust the speed of the black+decker lawn mower?

No, unfortunately, the speed is not adjustable.

Is it easy to get replacement parts with the power smart mower?

Yes, you can contact the number given on your installation manual or product box where you can contact the manufacturer to get parts for your mower.

What happens if I do not change my lawn mower air filter?

You will notice that the performance and power of your lawn mower will gradually decrease, and the engine will be destroyed in the process.

Final Verdict

Gardening and lawn maintenance requires a well-functioning lawn mower that offers great usage with simple instructions that anyone can follow and use.

The gas lawnmowers mentioned in this article are great based on their pricing, performance, durability, and engine power. All you have to do is order them, get started with your gardening passion, and get on your inner Edward Scissorhands!

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