About Us

Hi, Roberto Fox here. I am from a small town in California and have lived there for the most part of my life. Although I went away to study at UCLA and stayed at a hostel during that time, I returned as soon as I completed my degree. Now I run a small departmental store in

Carmel, my hometown and make enough to support my family. 

Me, my wife and two kids live in a small house close to the beach. It’s a beautiful setting. What I love most about it is the garden, since it’s entirely my arena. While my wife is the boss of the rest of the house and decides the setting and every little detail of each room in the house, I’m responsible for the garden. 

I enjoy spending time around greenery and whenever I’m not at the store, my garden is where you’ll find me. I love gardening; it’s what I have inherited from my father and grandfather. I remember, when I was young, I would follow my Dad around the garden and he would tell me every little detail about his plants. When is the right time to sow the seed? When to water the plants? How to graft plants? These are some of the things I learned from him.  

Those who share the same hobby will understand that whenever you’re in the garden, you will find something to do. If it’s not the hedge that needs trimming, you’ll start picking the brown leaves from your plants or the nasty weeds from the grass. And it’s never annoying. The satisfaction that comes from tending to your garden and keeping it neat and trimmed is beyond words. 

I store all my gardening tools and supplies in the garage. From petrol lawnmower to shovel and hedge shears, I have everything there that’s required to keep my garden in shape. I like adding new stuff to my collection every now and then, especially the most popular products that appear in the market. 

Even the departmental store that I run speaks of my obsession. Gardening tools, pesticides, and even seeds, you’ll find it all there. The store owner has been generous enough to let me set up a separate section for gardening supplies.

I’m obsessed to the point that when I’m not gardening, I’m speaking about it. My friends advised me to put my skills and my knowledge into writing and make a blog that everyone will enjoy reading and will learn from. 

So here it is! Revive Garden, as the name implies, is all about gardening. The same friends who advised me to start this website have also helped me bring it to life. Before starting the website, we have used countless tools and materials, discussing our thoughts on each product. The reviews you’ll find here are honest and based entirely on personal experience. 

You’ll also find useful notes and tips on gardening which I have learned through the years. I hope you enjoy my website and find what you’re looking for.

Happy Gardening!     

Roberto Fox – Owner