5 Best Potato Storage Containers: Top Picks & Reviews

Best-Potato-Storage-ContainersIf you love potatoes and everything made from them, you will know the pain of having to see them rot in front of your eyes. Imagine getting a large bag of potatoes only to see it turn green or black or having to grow sprouts on them just because you do not have a proper storage container to keep them fresh, so you get smaller bags of potatoes to save them.

But why worry or sacrifice your love for potatoes when you have them safe and fresh for a long period of time? Ever heard of a storage container?

It creates a perfect environment for your veggies, specifically potatoes, requiring very specific conditions: darkness and dryness. A good storage container will provide both and good ventilation to keep them fresher.

potato storage bins in basement

This means you must look for a moisture-free, spacious container with good ventilation, easy to use, and placed in your pantry. Now it is quite understandable that you won’t be eating potatoes every day of the week, but you will need to have them once in a while, and whenever it is that you want them, the storage container will keep the potatoes safe and fresh for quite a while.

This article will showcase the 5 best potato storage containers for you so you can keep your precious potatoes safe and fresh for as long as you need them to. You may also like to see our Greenworks lawn mower reviews.

Best Potato Storage Containers – Top 5 Of 2023 

The five best potato storage containers presented in this list are analyzed based on their material, handling, and ability to prevent potatoes from rotting.

5 Best Potato Storage Containers Comparison
Editor's ChoicePeaceful Classics Potato Storage Wood Box

  • Brand: Peaceful Classics

  • Color: Pewters

  • Number of Sets: 1

Peaceful Classics Potato Storage Wood Box

  • Brand: Peaceful Classics

  • Color: Pewters

  • Number of Sets: 1

Miles Kimball Potato & Onion Sprout-Free

  • Brand: Zhcoy

  • Color: White

  • Material: Cotton


  • Brand: Amazon

  • Color: Light Brown

  • Material: Wooden

KitchenCraft Natural Elements Potato Bag

  • Brand: Natural Elements

  • color: Brown

  • Material: Fabric


Peaceful Classics Potato Storage Wood Box

Color: Pewter

Number of Sets: 1



This vegetable bin looks gorgeous and is a must-have addition to your kitchen, especially because you need a potato storage container; it is made from exquisite pinewood and saves a lot of space on your kitchen top.

It is built with three different shelves that can be used to store any food you are afraid will get stale, such as bread, fruits, and vegetables.

Because it is constructed of pinewood, it does not decay or make your food rot because it also includes ventilation which keeps the airflow continuous to ensure no moisture. It has no rough edges or corners, so your kids can easily walk around it.

User Feedback

vegetable bin looks

The customers agree that this is the most beautiful and sturdy storage container they have seen, making their kitchen look more beautiful.

It is strong and allows great ventilation throughout, keeping the potatoes fresh inside of it and avoiding any fungus growth. It is made from high-quality pinewood, and it clearly shows because the items inside of it stay fresh.

My verdict on the product:

Overall, customers are satisfied with how this potato storage looks exquisite in their kitchen area and stores and keeps the potatoes fresh. It allows just the right kind of ventilation needed to keep the contents fresh and offers much space and easy handling.


  • Strong pinewood construction
  • Highly ventilated
  • Lightweight & easy to move
  • Protective seal on the cabinet door


  • It may become stiff after a while

Flat Top Veggie Bin

Color: Rustic Walnut Stained

Material: Pine



This is also a full pinewood-constructed veggie storage bin which protects the potatoes from becoming moldy and keeps them fresh and assembled in one place.

There is a great way for ventilation through the wired front of the bin, and it is a highly durable and reliable choice for keeping your veggies fresh. You can also paint it according to your preferences. You can also visit Troy Bilt’s mower review to find your perfect model.

User feedback: 

The users praise the construction and design of this veggie bin and agree that their potatoes have been remaining fresh for longer periods of time since they got this product. The well-thought-out bin allows a good amount of airflow to keep the contents fresh and stale-free.

My verdict on the product:

I recommend this product because it is dependable and keeps the potatoes fresh for a long time. It comprises the best quality pinewood, making it even more worthwhile.


  • Allows for adequate ventilation
  • Lightweight 
  • Great design and construction
  • Fully assembled


  • None

Miles Kimball Potato & Onion Sprout-Free Vegetable Storage Bags

Color: White

Material:  Cotton



This is a sprout-free vegetable bag that keeps the potatoes fresher for long periods of time and is absolutely reusable. It has an interior lining that blocks out light and keeps the potatoes safe from moisture to avoid getting sprouts on them. It is easy to store a heavy amount (10 pounds) of potatoes inside these reusable drawstring veggie bags. You can also hang them in your pantry if it is more convenient.

User feedback: 

The customers mention that this reusable bag is much more environmentally friendly than plastic bags and keeps the potatoes fresh for a long time. It does not cause the potatoes to grow out sprouts because it keeps the moisture away and does not cause any smell.

Potatoes usually turn green from light exposure, but due to this bag having a dark lining inside of it, the potatoes remain fresh. Overall, this bag keeps the potatoes cool, away from light, and fresher as they can be for a long time. It is a clean and stylish way of storing your potatoes, all while keeping them fresher than any closed container.

My verdict on the product:

Overall, all users agree that this bag has helped them save their potatoes from turning green due to its dark interior lining, which avoids light exposure and keeps the potatoes fresh and dry for a long time.


  • Reusable
  • Keeps the potatoes fresh and dry
  • Easy to use


  • Some users reported the hose getting a bit stiff after few uses


Color: Light Brown

Material:  Wooden


This storage box is stackable and can be used to store potatoes, keeping them fresh and safe from moisture and light so they do not go bad. The opening of this box is quite easy and smooth, keeping the veggies away from ruining your home’s interior.

The box holds a lot of space and is functional for anything you can possibly imagine to store. The box is built from good quality wood and can hold up to 5 lbs of potatoes inside it.

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User feedback: 

The users are extremely pleased with how easy it is to store potatoes in this stacking box that keeps them inside. It is spacious, dark, and easy to open and close, providing the perfect conditions for potatoes to stay fresh for a long time.

My verdict on the product:

This is a good option as it has more space and is upgradeable, keeping potatoes and other veggies fresh and dry.


  • Clean look
  • Spacious construction
  • Perfect storage


  • None


KitchenCraft Natural Elements Potato Bag with Blackout Lining

Color:  Brown

Material: Fabric


This bag prevents potatoes from moisture, automatically eradicating sprout growth and preventing potatoes from turning green and bad. This bag keeps the potatoes fresh by keeping them enclosed with a dark lining that protects them from going green.

It comprises natural jute plants (burlap), giving the potatoes a natural environment. It also includes a drawstring for easy access to your vegetables and can be hung on hooks or placed on your countertops. It comes with a one-year warranty.

User feedback: 

The users say this is a great bag if you get at least 10 lbs of potatoes from the supermarket. It is made from natural fibers, making it even safer for potatoes.

The dark lining helps keep the potatoes fresh and protects them from sprouts. It protects the potatoes from mold and other impurities and exterminates the smell.

My verdict on the product:

Overall, this is a good option for a potato storage container that keeps them fresh, is easy to hang or place in your kitchen, and is an eco-friendly solution.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Keeps potatoes protected from moisture and light
  • Great quality


  • None


Why is it important to use a potato storage container?

It is important because potatoes are a very fragile vegetable, believe it or not. It requires special conditions as it is also grown in a dark and dry area inside the oil, so you can give them a similar environment by keeping them in a storage container.

Do the potato containers actually work at all?

Yes, a lot of potato storage containers come with features such as ventilation and good airflow is important to keep the potatoes fresh; similarly, a dark lining keeps the light away from the potatoes, and lastly, the dry conditions avoid sprout growth.

Does temperature matter when storing potatoes in a storage container?

Yes, the environment you put your potatoes in determines their life, so if it is a hot, humid, and lit area, the potatoes will go bad pretty soon, like in a day or two. A good storage container will keep the light away, have a good ventilation mechanism, and is spacious and dry.

Final Verdict

I hope this article guided you to decide which of the 5 best potato storage containers to buy, and next time you get the potatoes, do not think twice about buying a larger bag. I presented 5 of the best ones based on their material, storage conditions, weightage capacity, and placing options.

All the listed items are great in terms of overall performance for storing potatoes for a long time and are best according to the customers as well. The best option is the Peaceful Classics Potato Storage Wood Box, and the second one is Flat Top Veggie Bin.

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