Best Mulching Lawn Mowers: Top Picks & Reviews of 2023

Best-Mulching-Lawn-MowersOnly the best gardeners know how to keep their yard healthy and lush and the secret to it is using the mulching feature. A good lawn mower will allow you to utilize that function and help save your money on expensive fertilizers and also avoid the need of bagging the grass cuttings, reducing pollution. 

A good lawn mower will have an integrated mulching function that allows you to save time as the feature is already incorporated and all you have to do is press the trigger to switch between the mower and mulcher.

This will allow you to do the lawn mowing faster than usual and save you time as well as energy in the long run.

This article will help you decide which edge trimmer you should get for maintaining the edges of your sidewalks and garden area.

4 Best Mulching Lawn Mowers – Best Of 2023 

The four best mulching lawn mowers listed in this guide have been analyzed based on their ability to cut edges precisely, power type, and usability.

4 Best Mulching Lawn Mowers Comparison
Editor's ChoiceHonda 664100 GCV200

  • Brand: EGO Power+

  • Item Weight: 62.6 Pounds

  • Cutting Width : 21 Inches

EGO 21-Inch String Trimmer

  • Brand: Honda

  • Item Weight: 113 Pounds

  • Cutting Width : 21 Inches

RYOBI 20-Inch Lawn Mower

  • Brand: RYOBI

  • Power Source: Battery Powered

  • Cutting Width : 20 Inches

TimeMaster 30-Inch Briggs

  • Brand: TORO

  • Power Source: Gas Powered

  • Cutting Width : 30 Inches


Honda 664100 GCV200

Item Weight: 113 Pounds

Cutting Width : 21 Inches



This lawn mower by Honda starts really fast thanks to the auto-choke system which does not require an engine choke and starts instantly. It also helps conserve fuel and utilises it wisely even with its high performance. The exclusive GCV200 engine is more high performing with an increased throttle which delivers faster lawn mowing, and leaf-cutting in spite of the grass being strong and tough. With increased power, you can rely on this lawn mower for a long time.

The mower has 4-in-1 features including a shredder, discharge, mulch, and a bag which do not require additional tools and you can use these features interchangeably using the smart clip director knob. It also includes a speed dial to control speed settings and use the select drive feature to use speed settings that range from 0 to 4 mph, which are ideal for you. The Honda micro-cut system utilises dual blades with 4 cutting areas in each that shred the leaves into fine pieces so you receive tons of mulch in your bag. The versamow system by Honda makes sure that the collected mulch does not turn into mush.

User Feedback

The users appreciate that the shredded leaves save the space for multiple bags without the use of spending money on additional items. The three adjustable mowing positions also provide ease of use for the user, with the help of the advanced quick-release shaft.

This lawn mower has an easy-to-use and comfortable rear discharge feature which includes a separate bag at the bottom of the mower that allows the grass cuttings to escape. The wheels are also super smooth and easily glide to and fro, increasing the performance of the mower. The cutting height comes with 7 flexible position settings that allow more flexibility for the user. The customers are extremely happy with the design and strong build of the mower and praise the self-propellant wheels which provide smooth functioning.

My verdict on the product:

Overall, I recommend this lawn mower due to its special features such as the mowing deck being corrosion-free which means you can use it for your whole life because it is made up of nexite, which is an anti-rust material. The overall warranty of this lawn mower is for five whole years.


  • Twin blade cutting system
  • 4-in-1: mulch, shred, bag, discharge
  • 3 handle height settings
  • Auto start engine


  • None

EGO 21-Inch String Trimmer

Item Weight: 62.6 Pounds

Cutting Width : 21 Inches



The Ego trimmer is a 3-in-1 device with features such as mulch, bagging, and side discharge and operates for an hour without interruptions because of its high-powered lithium-ion battery with 56V 7.5Ah. The battery also charges within an hour thanks to the power+ fast charger.

The unit has a self-propellant speed ranging from 0.9 to 3.1 MPH along with six different cutting positions for adjusting height which range from 1/5 to 4 inches. The device starts by simply pressing a button and also includes bright headlights so you can easily work in the dark as well.

User feedback: 

The users mention that this cordless power tool is the best decision they made for their lawn area. It comes well-packaged and assembled, which is highly praised by the users. It makes gardening a fun job and is not a fuss to use or figure out.

The device is easy to control and convenient to use and especially the self-propelling feature works great when mowing on bumpy or high areas. The large size of grass is also no problem for this mower and cleans up the entire lawn in just an hour. The battery is also lightweight which automatically affects the handling of this device and is compact when stored.

My verdict on the product:

I recommend this lawn mower because of its ease of use, long-running battery life, high precision cutting and mowing, and last but not least, it is lightweight handling.


  • 1-hour long runtime
  • 6 Height adjustment settings
  • LED lights 


  • Tad bit expensive

RYOBI 20-Inch Lawn Mower

Power Source: Battery Powered

Cutting Width : 20 Inches



The Ryobi brushless motor lawn mower is the best machine in the entire industry due to being cordless yet highly efficient with a forty-volt power lithium-ion battery.

It offers the same power and efficiency as a powerful gas-powered mower but also reduces noise and air pollution. The battery lasts a long time and the device starts instantly without lagging, saving your time.

The mower comes with seven different height adjusting settings. This lawn mower also comes with bright LED lights that help you perform your job even in the darkest hour.

After you are done using the device, just press the trigger on the lock to get rid of the cuttings and weeds you collected in the bag. The mower comes with flexible folding handles and takes up less space.

User feedback: 

Many users praise the simplicity of the lawn mower, which is a great alternative to a gas-powered mower. The users also mention how nicely the mower cuts through even the toughest and longest of grass and the battery lasts a long time until the job is done perfectly.

Overall, the consumers are highly satisfied with the lightweight, easy usability, and flexible usage of this unit that is noise-free and comfortable to use. The best part is that there is no need to use the self-propellent feature because it is easy to move around smoothly.

My verdict on the product:

Overall, it is a great lawn mower that offers mulching and mowing functions without any problems with battery or performance. I recommend it.


  • 6.0 Ah long-running battery
  • Cordless hassle-free style
  • Strong brushless motor


  • None

TimeMaster 30-Inch Briggs & Stratton Walk Behind Lawn Mower

Power Source: Gas Powered

Cutting Width: 30 Inches


The Toro timemaster self-propelled gas lawn mower is a convenient device that solves all your lawn mowing and mulching issues like they didn’t exist. It is extremely user-friendly and has a great mulching feature. It has a powerful throttle of 10.00 ft-lb that offers incredibly powerful lawn mowing functions that are long-lasting.

It has a wide mowing deck of thirty inches which helps you to mow around wide patches of grass, helping you do the job twice quickly and with much more efficiency and productivity.

This lawn mower has a twin blade system that transforms the leaves into fine pieces, creating a perfect, nutrient-rich mulch for your lawn. The handle of this lawn mower is perfectly durable and reliable, especially on steep levels, maintaining an optimal speed without vibrations.

User feedback: 

Consumers like how the lawn mower has a safety lock that stops the blade which is a great help especially if they want to take a break for a minute or two and it does not stop the engine.

The handle is extremely comfortable and convenient to handle, one user notes, it does not cause back problems or any moving hindrances.  It is also stored easily because of its flexible design. It is also easy to clean because of its ability to attach a hose to it, which can be used to wash the mower deck.

My verdict on the product:

Overall, it is a great choice if you are looking for a good mulching lawn mower, just make sure if you are using it for 3+ years, you need to have it serviced to ensure its smooth functioning.


  • 1-Step start
  • The wide 30-inch mowing deck
  • Atomic blades for fine mulching


  • None

Buying Guide

Buying a mulching lawn mower for creating good mulch and avoiding the use of bagging can be a challenging task for some people who are looking for a comfortable device that helps them save their time, money and energy in the long run. Following are some suggestions you need to follow for selecting a good mulching lawn mower:

Operation type: There are 4 choices to choose from reel, battery, gas, cordless, and battery operated. Choose the one that fits your requirements and preferences. An electric one is a best and ideal choice for most customers due to it being hassle-free from maintenance such as filling it with gasoline or changing the oil to keep it well functioning.

Cutting width/mower deck: A good mulching mower has an ideal-sized cutting deck that is the main feature to decide how fine the mulch will be. The finer the mulch, the better it is for your yard.

Handle Type: A good handle or shaft allows you to be more productive and active due to its comfortability and flexibility. An extendable handle will provide you with more control over the usage of the device. It also does not vibrate too much and holds a perfect pace so you have fewer interruptions to movement.

Precise speed: You also need speed to ensure smooth movement of your lawn mower because no one wants to spend long hours in the yard mowing their lawn. A good mower has great back and forth movement that helps you mow the lawn smoothly.


Is there a need of special blades or mowing deck for mulching leaves?

No, it is not necessary to have a special set of mulching blades, if you are buying a mulching mower, it will already have blades that are suitable for mulching as you will also notice in the specifications.

Is mulching important for the lawn?

Yes, mulching is an important way to return the moisture and nutrients back to the soil and enhance the economic value of the crops in general. When the summer heat dries up your grass, it will cause it to die out but the mulch keeps the grass healthy and green by returning dampness to the soil and acts as a shield from the hot sun rays.

Final Verdict

I hope this article helped you decide on the best edge trimmer and presented 4 of the best ones. All the listed items are great in terms of comfortability, ease of use, cutting precision, and functionality. Overall, the best option is the Honda 664100 GCV200 and the second one is RYOBI 20-Inch Lawn Mower.

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