Dewalt Lawn Mower Review: Top Rated Brand in 2023

Dewalt Lawn Mower ReviewMost people’s ideal house contains swaths of beautiful green lawn to entertain friends and family. However, you must take care of lawn care and upkeep to keep that slice of lush heaven. And you’ll need the means to mow the grass to do so.

Electric lawnmowers are often smaller, lighter, and simpler to manoeuvre than heavy petrol lawnmowers. Electric lawnmowers can require less maintenance than gas lawnmowers. Before purchasing an electric lawnmower, think about how long you’ll need the power cord to extend.

Dewalt Lawn Mower
Editor's ChoiceDeWalt Battery Cordless Lawn Mower

  • Ergonomic design with handle

  • Dcmw564p2 xr brushless lawnmower 18v 2 x 50ah li-ion

  • 51cm metal tires

Dewalt Twin Cordless Lawn Mower Brushless

  • Power Source: Battery Powered

  • Material: Metal

  • Weight: 30.5 Kilograms

DEWALT 20V MAX Lawn Mower

  • Power Source: Battery Powered

  • Material: Metal

  • Weight: 56.7 Pounds


Dewalt lawn mower review

Happy mowing! Don’t worry if you need a new lawnmower. We have you covered. Use this advice to pick the proper lawnmower.

DeWalt Battery Cordless Lawn Mower


  • Brand:                DEWALT
  • Item Weight:    33.66 Kilograms
  • Power Source:    Battery Powered

Dewalt DCMW564P2 XR

The DeWalt DCMW564P2 XR is a battery-powered cordless lawn mower with two 5Ah 18v batteries that can handle lawns up to 800m2.

It includes a 48cm cutting blade, a 55-litre grass collecting bag, five cutting heights ranging from 25mm to 86mm, and 33kg. When registered, the DeWalt DCMW564P2 XR comes with a mulching attachment, a safety key, and a 3-year DeWalt guarantee (1 year on batteries).

If you’re searching for a powerful cordless mower from a reputable company that makes high-quality garden products, the Dewalt DCMW563P2 is the mower for you.

While this mower may need a larger investment than some other cordless models, the benefits are obvious. This machine is to be both powerful and simple to operate.

If mowing the grass has ever been a pain for you, the abundance of outstanding features on this mower will make it much more fun.

It comes with two 5.0Ah batteries that provide up to 40 minutes of operating time and may be shared across the DeWalt line. If you already have a large collection of batteries, you may alternatively purchase the DeWalt DCMW564N as a bare model.


  1. Mulching is one of several cutting processes.
  2. A cutting deck made of tough steel
  3. Extremely robust folding handle
  4. Vertical shelving
  5. striped lawn rear roller
  6. Simple to manoeuvre


  1. Due to the huge 5Ah batteries, it is heavier than others.
  2. The initial investment is higher.
  3. There is no side discharge.
  4. Batteries are not covered by the three-year guarantee (common with other brands)

Final Verdict

The DeWalt DCMW564P2 is a high-quality material and features a brushless motor that provides long-run periods and silent operation. We can’t find anything much negative to say about this mower, and while it is considered an investment, it is unquestionably one that will pay off!

Dewalt Twin Cordless Lawn Mower Brushless


  • Brand:                DEWALT
  • Item Weight:  30.5 Kilograms
  • Power Source:    Battery Powered

Dewalt DCMW564RN Twin

When we first looked at this DeWalt DCMW564RN mower, one of the first things that struck me was how powerful it is. You’d have to have a gas mower in the past for tremendous power, but more and more manufacturers are producing new cordless mowers that offer spades.

It’s easy to understand why DeWalt claims this mower has the ‘power of corded without the cord,’ and it’s easy to see why.

It has two 5.0Ah 18v batteries that provide excellent power for a longer time, making it a perfect mower for vast grass expanses.

The DeWalt mower features a powerful brushless motor meant to last longer and deliver more run time. Furthermore, because this engine works much more quietly, mowing does not have to be a noise source.

The mower has a 2-in-1 feature, allowing you to mow the grass in your favourite manner. Cutting and collecting grass clippings is an alternative.

The mower’s body will be able to withstand many more trials because of its tough construction. It is backed up by the powder-coated design built to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions.


  1. All DeWalt batteries are interchangeable.
  2. Longer run duration with a brushless motor
  3. Smooth and quiet functioning
  4. Push Handle with Ergonomic Design
  5. Power Actuation Button for Simple On/Off



Final Verdict

The DeWalt Twin cordless mower is a formidable opponent. It isn’t your typical cordless mower; it has the power of a considerably more powerful machine. Not only that, but with many mowing options, five different cutting heights, and the choice to mulch or use a rear roller, you can take care of your garden in any way you like.

DEWALT 20V MAX Lawn Mower 


  • Brand:                DEWALT
  • Item Weight:  56.7 Pounds
  • Power Source:    Battery Powered

DEWALT 20V MAX Lawn Mower

The DCMW220P2 cordless mower from DeWalt is now available. Owners considered the mower well-built and powerful, as with other DeWalt products.

When cutting and mulching, it’s simple to use and exceeds expectations. The DeWalt 20V Max and 60V Flexbolt Battery System it’s smartly compatible with other products, making it a very appealing option for customers who already own other DeWalt power tools.

However, the mower’s original 5AH batteries underperform, leaving most customers desiring greater power. To get the most out of this mower, prepare to purchase the 6AH Flexbolt batteries.


  1. It mulches and cuts well.
  2. Stores easily and stands vertically.
  3. The mower is strong, well-made, and sturdy.
  4. It is quieter to use than other mowers
  5. It was simple to change the height.
  6. You may use the batteries with various DeWalt tools.


  1. The battery was quickly depleted, especially during mulching.
  2. In comparison to other mowers, it is somewhat costly.
  3. For its two 5AH cells, the mower should have come with two charges.

Final Verdict

We recommend this lawnmower. The DeWalt DCMW220P2 is a high-end mower with adequate battery power to get the job done. With a 20-inch metal deck, single lever height control, and folding handles for compact vertical storage, this cordless lawn mower will help you get the job done.

DeWalt XR Brushless Lawn Mower

The DEWALT DCMW564 Cordless XR Lawn Mower includes a brushless motor that requires less maintenance and less noise. The 51cm metal deck adds durability, and the 48cm cutting capacity allows you to cover a large area.

The ergonomic form of the handle allows for smooth and comfortable steering. A bottom roller is also in the package, enabling simple and unfettered movement across the ground.

It is powered by two 18V 5.0Ah Li-ion batteries. There is a power actuation button for simple on/off operation and a secondary safety switch for further protection.

Dewalt employs auto-detecting technology for blade speed, which is an intriguing feature. When the grass gets thicker, the mower increases the blade RPM.


  1. ergonomic design
  2. easy and comfortable steering
  3. free-flowing movement
  4. less maintenance



Final Verdict

There are just two speeds, as far as I can tell: low and high. Down speed is used when placing the mower for the next row or in an area with sparser grass, and high speed is used only when thicker grass is present. It is most likely done to extend the battery life.

Buying Guide

The type of your yard and the qualities that are most important to you should be the primary considerations when selecting a lawnmower.

Riding mowers are for yards larger than a half-acre because of their speed and convenience. The deck size of a lawnmower, or the breadth of the cutting surface, impacts how quickly it can cut a lawn.

Accessories for Lawn Mowers

Most lawn mowers accept supplementary devices to make grass care simpler. A bagging system is the most frequent, making collecting grass detritus easier. Other popular attachments, such as sunshades for riding mowers that provide UV protection, are more about the user’s comfort.

Maintenance on Lawn Mowers

You should clean all mower blades once a year and the frame and decks regularly to prevent grass clippings from clogging the system. In addition, air filters, spark plugs, and other tune-up components are important for gas-powered mowers. Electric mowers require cleaning as well, although they require less maintenance overall.

This maintenance can be done by yourself or by a professional. Most lawnmower service facilities have yearly maintenance plans that are competitively priced. Some even provide pick-up and delivery services, making seasonal maintenance simple.

Walk-Behind Mowers

Conventional lawn mowers come to mind when we think of Saturdays spent mowing the lawn. Walk-behind mowers are for small to mid-sized suburban lawns of 1/2 acre or less and are available in a range of styles:

  1. Mowers with reels
  2. Electric mowers that are cordless or battery-powered
  3. Mowers that run on gas

The most cost-effective and ecologically friendly lawnmowers are walk-behind mowers. Because of their tiny size, they’re easy to store, making them a popular choice among many homes. Whatever draws you to them, you’ll discover one that suits your needs.

Riding Mowers

A riding lawnmower is an excellent alternative if you own 1/2-3 acres of property or if you need to avoid extended hours of walking and standing. Riding mowers are of two types:

  1. Tractors are agricultural vehicles
  2. Mowers with zero turns

Cutting widths on riding mowers range from 30 to 66 inches, enabling you to cut a large quantity of grass in a short length of time. However, the power they provide is unrivalled. Because they’re little cars, be prepared to undertake routine maintenance throughout the year and set aside some garage space for the winter.

Tow-Behind Mowers

Whether you’re cutting the greens of a country club or taming the wild undergrowth of an overgrown field, a tow-behind mower is a perfect companion for your ATV or tractor. There are various types of towable mowers:

  1. Mowers with gang reels
  2. Mowers for trail
  3. Trailblazers

Tow-behind mowers are popular among commercial landscapers and professional users who already possess significant lawn care equipment since they do not push themselves and must be hooked to a riding mower or other vehicle. On the other hand, a tow-behind mower will be used by anyone with big swathes of thick grass or even little saplings to remove.

Lawn gas Mowers 

On the other hand, gas-powered mowers aren’t restricted by rechargeable batteries and can cut considerably bigger yards in one pass if you have enough gas on hand. They are available in the push and self-propelled models and are normally less expensive than their electric equivalents. However, you may pay more money in the long run on gasoline and maintenance.

Rear Engine Riders 

Rear-engine riders, which bridge the gap between walk-behind mowers and tractors, are often less expensive than tractors but don’t cut as effectively. They also cut slower because of their thinner decks, which are normally approximately 30 inches broad.


We’ve only scratched the surface of mower capabilities thus far. These are the more typical features on a mower’s specification sheet:

One, two, or four-deck levers are available. The most convenient lever has the greatest linkage, which adds weight and requires continuous lubrication to work correctly.

The classic, time-tested design has four levers. Two levers are a suitable middle ground between one and four. These mowers feature a little more linkage than a four-lever mower, but it’s easy to adjust the height.


The buttons might be inside the handle. It might be a separate lever or bail. Squeeze the lever to raise ground speed for fixed-speed mowers or engage the mower’s drive system. The quicker the mower moves, the harder you press forward on the handle.


Three gearboxes are available for self-propelled mowers. The most costly and smoothest running system is hydrostatic. It pumps hydraulic fluid through the impeller, spinning an output shaft regulating ground speed. This gearbox is the softest and most dependable, but it’s also the most costly.


What kind of products does Dewalt make?

DEWALT provides tools for remodelers, home contractors, mechanics, and professional woodworkers. DeWALT clients often employ power tools in the yard or items such as pliers, wrenches, saws, sockets, and hammers.

What do we need for rear roller lawn mowers?

If you want a striped lawn, you’ll need a mower with a back roller. These can be integrated and replace the back wheels, or they can be “hidden” between the rear wheels so that the mower still has four wheels for manoeuvrability.

Final words

Given the large diversity of lawnmower kinds and models available, it’s no wonder that their prices are also diverse. A $75 manual push mower may be had, while high-end professional-grade mowers can cost as much as a new car. Fortunately, the average homeowner will choose a much less expensive mower.
Most entry-level push mowers will cost $150 to $300, while lawn tractors will cost $1,500, and zero-turn radius mowers will cost $3,000.
Top-of-the-line versions can cost up to twice as much as base ones due to accessories, cordless electric alternatives, and manufacturing quality. Lawnmowers at the high end of the price range are frequently sold with financing. For more lawn mower reviews, click on our website