Lawnboy Mower Review: Should You Invest In It Or Not?

Lawnboy Mower ReviewThe Lawn-Boy 17732 mower is perfect for little yards that are flat or hilly, but its engine is too small for bigger yards. Its vibrant colour is a welcome contrast from the standard, and it has all of the functions for average-sized yards.

Two of its greatest characteristics are rear-wheel drive and the electric start option. Continue reading the Lawn boy mower review to know deeper information.


The Lawn-Boy 17732 is the newest and most advanced self-propelled lawnmower. Powered by a Kohler 149cc XTX engine that, according to the manufacturer, never requires an oil change. The 6.6 ft/lbs of gross torque on the XTX is adequate for fine-tuning grass regularly.

Lawn-Boy 17732 is a comprehensive package that includes a mulch bag and will make your lawn envy the neighbourhood. The Lawn-Boy is ideal for yards up to one acre in size. It is a popular option for small families and the elderly.

Trimming the lawn is made easier by the electric start and low vibration engine. Because of the engine noise limits, the 17732 is one of the quietest mowers available.


Brand Lawn-Boy

Power Source Gas Powered

Item Dimensions 40.5 x 22.3 x 37.7 inches

Material Aluminium and ABS plastic

Item Weight 66 Pounds

Cutting Width 21 Inches

Number of Positions 6

Operation Mode Automatic



Review of Lawnboy mower

In this Lawn-Boy 17732 review, you’ll discover what this gas-powered lawn mower is all about and its positive and negative qualities. You’ll know if this gas mower is perfect for you and your yard by the conclusion of this review.

Adjustable Height

The lock mechanism works well while travelling through turbid terrain, and selecting the height is straightforward. Using just one lever per axle, you may adjust the size from 1.25 to 3.75 inches. It is advantageous since it regulates the entire axle rather than individual wheels, resulting in fewer maintenance parts.


Lawn Boy mowers are always simple to use. This lawn boy is no exception. However, it must be the most user-friendly gas mower with an electric start. A nearly completed mower is included in the box.

Lawn-Boy 17732 mowers came with a fully charged battery, so I haven’t run out of power yet. When I do, it comes with a charging cord that plugs into any standard outlet at the handle top. You connect the handle, and blades, inspect all joints, fuel it up, apply oil, and join the batteries in less than 20 minutes.


This mower is activated by just turning the key. On start-up, be aware of its propensity to snap back at you, especially if the throttle is released. While a more steady increase in speed would have been desirable, the sudden start isn’t as bad after getting used to it. Even on average dry grass, though, the tyre treads are ineffective. Expect to spin and slide tyres on wet roads since they are more cosmetic than functional.

Multipurpose Blade

Composting benefits from collected mulching. Lawn-Boy created a multi-purpose blade that is both sharp and efficient. The grass will be chopped and blown to the desired location while mulching by the edge. This mode will function better on dry grass, but the principle is sound. Fine clippings take up less room in the collecting bag and scatter more evenly across the grass.



I expected a comparable cut quality as the majority of the technology employed in this electric start variation originates from the non-electric versions of Lawn Boy. You won’t be disappointed even at the lowest height settings or on damp grounds. However, because the tyres have little grip, you will undoubtedly miss a few patches, particularly at fast speeds.


It has one lever in front and one in the rear; you may adjust the wheels. You may change the front and back wheels to the same height with one smooth stroke. It also comes with a chute that you can use to mulch the grass instead of catching the clippings in the bag.

Grass storage box

Grass storage box

The Lawn-Boy 17732’s grass box is a sturdy cloth bag. The bag may hold up to 2 bushels or 18.6 gallons of cut-off before it needs to be emptied. Before throwing the grass into the bag, the mower’s blades mulch it. Mulching makes the bag more compact and lowers the need to empty it as often. The bag is easy to open and is to release all of the collection in one clump without shaking it aggressively.

Power Motor

This Lawn-Boy 17732 self-propelled lawnmower isn’t the most powerful, with its 144cc, 6.5 OHV non-CARB Compliant Kohler engine, and I’ve used mowers with far more torque and power, but I don’t think the lack of control detracts from its overall performance. It has enough ability to pull you upward without putting in any more effort. It performs a decent job of cutting through tall grass; however, you may need to make a second pass with more robust grass varieties.


In terms of upkeep, Lawn-Boy is always the clear winner. They provide a three-year guarantee on the motor, covering start-up troubles, even if they are caused by inadequate maintenance. If your Lawn-Boy does not start on the second turn of the key, they will fix it for free! You don’t have to be concerned about the other components because the overall build quality is excellent.

Self-Propelled Mobility

A self-propelled mower is the Lawn-Boy. Pushing the mover with the XTX takes a lot of the work of shuffling around a yard. Thanks to the rear-wheel-drive system, the mover and a fully loaded bag of grass incline in the yard, you can carry up. The rear wheels are also bigger than the front wheels and are positioned closer to the centre of gravity to provide the most traction when loaded. The engine may struggle if the lawn is damp when you try to mow it. The XTX engine is powerful enough to draw itself and a load to a grass disposal place under regular operation.


The Lawn-Boy is a cost-effective lawnmower that follows the modern three-in-one trend if you’re on a budget. Its 149cc OHV engine produces 6.25 gross torque, making it one of the lowest in our lawn mower lineup, but it should be plenty to mow a medium-sized yard. It can mulch, bag, and release grass clippings, making it a useful and multi-purpose lawn care equipment.

Features for Safety

The mower from Lawn-Boy is a strong piece of equipment with huge cutting blades. The steel deck is durable and will protect you from any stone chipping that the edge may raise as it spins. You may also keep the mover near to the ground to avoid running over any toes using the variable height option. The key ignition is located away from the control handle to prevent children or adults from accidentally starting the mower.


  1. Not too loud
  2. Well-built
  3. Starts on electricity
  4. Tru-Start 3-year warranty

5-year full warranty


The tyres don’t provide much traction at high speeds.

Is This Model Worth Buying?

It is an excellent mower for smaller yards, with a range of 0.5 to 1 acre being the sweet spot. The guarantee alleviates concerns about potential faults with a machine like this, frequently engine-related. The 17732’s capabilities rival many other self-propelled lawnmowers on the market. Other Lawn-Boy models that need pushing, such as the 17730, have an 11″ back wheel. The easy answer is to buy it, if only for the extended warranty duration.


Is it Effective on Wet Grass?

Yes! Wet grass forms clumps and adheres to the interior of lawn mower decks. However, there is a greater likelihood that the equipment may become blocked.

Is it necessary for me to add oil to the fuel?

No! As stated before in our Lawn-Boy 17732 review. Only use regular gasoline in this 4-stroke engine. Although you should check the engine oil level before each usage, there should never be a need to change the oil.

Is it possible to adjust the handle?

Yes! The railing has two settings to accommodate people of various heights.

Final words

The Lawn-Boy 17732 is an excellent lawnmower for a medium-sized yard; it performs everything a household lawnmower should. Another mower with better functionality and cutting power is available, but it comes at a higher cost. The six levels of grass height and two types of wheel height allow you a lot of flexibility in how you cut your lawn. The ideal option is to mulch the grass and discharge it from a side vent into the yard.

Reusing the grass is excellent for the environment since it requires less fertilizer and does not contribute to landfill waste. The striping pad on the rear of the machine will operate on soggy grass, but you’ll need a roller to achieve noticeable stripes.
The offer of a free repair on a three-star issue is an enticing incentive to purchase the Lawn-Boy 17732. On damp grass or if you have a steep yard, a small engine will cause complications. The Lawn-Boy 17732 stands out from the crowd. It, paired with a full two-year guarantee, shows that Lawn-Boy is confident in its machines.