What Is An Average Kohler 7000 Series Life Expectancy?

What Is An Average Kohler 7000 Series Life Expectancy?We all aspire to find a lawn mower that can cut grass evenly with precision. The heights to the grass are also adjustable since lawn mowers have made our life super easy. Earlier, there were hand equipment and machines to cut the grass.

With the advent of technology, many companies have made mechanical lawn mowers. Among the top noche riding lawn mowers are getting popular. The riding lawn mowers are easy to operate and require almost so effort. In this regard, Kohler 7000 series is a choice of many people. On the other hand, many want to know if the Kohler 7000 series is worth the hype or not. If you are searching to know the Kohler 7000 series life expectancy, you are on the right page. Is Kohler 7000 durable?

This article will help you identify all features of Kohler 7000. You will be able to identify if Kohler is appropriate to your preferences or not. 

Kohler 7000 series KT745

The company states Kohler 7000 is very competitive when it comes to durability features. The engines contain professional features that can help you get a powerful and precise grass-cutting experience.

The Kohler 7000 has a commercial design. It contains air-cooled capability. The company also gave a warranty of three years. Kohler says that the hours are unlimited. You can use as many hours as you need under the warranty of three years. 

Features: Kohler 7000 series KT745.

The company has highlighted features regarding commercial manufacturing and engines as follows:

  • To increase the protection of the Kohler 7000 KT745, the company has induced a filtration package. The system can easily filter fuel, oil, and air to reduce the chances of any problem.
  • The speed of the engine remains the same while mowing. Even if the mower experiences a rough and tough patch while mowing, it will cut with equal neatness.
  • Engines of the Kohler 7000 start easily. No choking is required to start it.
  • Another feature is pressure lubrication. This keeps the important parts lubricated.

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Kohler 7000 series life expectancy  

The durability of the Kohler engine depends on maintenance as well. If the owner has kept the Kohler mower in pretty nice condition, it may last longer than others. On average, a Kohler engine lasts for 1500-2000 hours. Regular maintenance can increase the time from 2000 hours to 3500 hours as well. In the meantime, you might confront small maintenance and change of some spare parts as well. In general, a Kohler engine lasts for around 2000 hours. The company claims their Kohler 7000 range mower is 2x better than other mowers’ engines in the market.

The company states that the engine of Kohler 7000 provides a 2x built-in longer useful engine. The lining of the engine is composed of cast iron rather than aluminum that increases the life of Kohler 7000 two times than its competitors. The engine provides equal cutting throughout the lawn due to the powerful cutting engine. The engine speed does not fluctuate in Kohler. If you try to cut grass from a Tough soil patch, engine speed will work the same. The powerful engine provides even and precise cutting to your garden and makes it look dreamy. 

Kohler 7000 series models

Kohler 7000 series models

The company has 6 variants of 7000 series, KT715, KT725, KT730, KT735, KT740, KT745. These mowers operate on gasoline fuel. HP range varies from model to model. KT715 starts from the 20 HP range and KT745 lasts with the 26 HP range. The shaft in all the variants is vertical. All mowers have twin cylinders. 


In the past, many traditional grass-cutting equipment and machines were rolling on the surface. With technology, many companies have launched riding lawn mowers. These lawnmowers have made life so easy for large garden owners. Among them, the Kohler 7000 series is also present. Kohler provides 3 years of warranty with unlimited hours of use.

On average users claim the mower can go well till 2000 hours of use. However, regular maintenance is crucial to keep the riding mower in its best capacity. One can maintain it by taking assistance from the owner’s manual. Regular cleaning can substantially increase the life of lawn mowers that are dirt and grass-free.