Ryobi Lawn Mower Review: Select The Model That Suits Your Needs

Ryobi-lawnmower-reviewThere are several lawnmower brands and models on the market. How can you pick the best mower for your property? We’ll offer you a Ryobi lawn mower review today, so you can decide whether it’s worth buying. Ryobi lawnmowers are the greatest and most technologically advanced lawnmowers.

Ryobi lawn mower review

Mowers that run on electricity or batteries are efficient, quiet, and don’t require you to spend money on routine maintenance. It might be not easy to pick among the numerous varieties and brands available in the market if you are new to this. Fortunately, Ryobi’s powerful and cost-effective electric lawnmowers have you covered.

In our Ryobi lawn mower reviews, you’ll discover one that’s perfect for you, whether you have a tiny garden to maintain or a vast yard that requires many hours to complete. To examine how Ryobi electric mowers compare to the competition, we’ll look at five different models, including self-propelled, zero-turn, and riding mowers.

RYOBI 40-Volt Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Mower 

Ryobi Lawnmower Comparison
Editor's ChoiceRYOBI 40-Volt Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Mower 

  • Brand: RYOBI

  • Item Weight: 45 Ponds

  • Power Source: Battery Powered

‎Ryobi Brushless Lithium-Ion Cordless 

  • Brand: RYOBI

  • Item Weight: 55 Ponds

  • Power Source: Corded Electric

‎Ryobi Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower

  • Brand: RYOBI

  • Item Weight: 595 Ponds

  • Power Source:Corded Electric

‎RYOBI Cordless Smart Trek Self-Propelled Mower 

  • Brand: RYOBI

  • Item Weight: 79 Ponds

  • Power Source: Battery Powered

‎RYOBI Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower

  • Brand: RYOBI

  • Material: Alloy Steel

  • Cutting Width: 42 Inches



  • Brand:                  RYOBI
  • Item Weight:     45 Ponds
  • Power Source:    Battery Powered


The first item is a low-cost 40v self-propelled Ryobi cordless lawnmower with Ryobi’s unique and sophisticated design in a strong chassis.

The Ryobi Smart Trek RY40LM30 push mower is strong, featuring a brushless motor that gives it a boost while mowing in difficult circumstances. Although it does not have the quickest rotating blades, the little speed reduction significantly increases efficiency and battery life.

When operating on a broad area with a battery-powered mower, there is always the possibility of it dying if you don’t have replacement batteries. Fortunately, the 40v, 6.0Ah battery should provide 50-60 minutes of full-load operation.

Remember that the slower speed plays a role in this, and it won’t give the same outcomes as a quicker spinning blade. The Smart Trek drive, a unique Ryobi technology added to this self-propelled mower, allows the mower’s handle to sense your walking speed and alter the mower’s speed appropriately.


  1. Three cutting choices are available (Mulch/Bad/Side-discharge).
  2. It’s simple to get started and utilize.
  3. Cutting height of up to 4.”
  4. Limited 5-year warranty


  1. Smart Trek drive.
  2. The motor isn’t the most powerful.

Final Verdict

When you start using it, it may feel choppy, and there is a learning curve. We particularly loved the single-point height adjustment, which let you modify the cutting height from 1.5 to 4 inches, making it ideal for higher grass. Apart from that, its high efficiency, acceptable performance, and affordable pricing make it one of Ryobi’s 40v line’s greatest value for money items.

Ryobi Brushless Lithium-Ion Cordless Battery Self Propelled Lawn Mower 


  • Brand:                  RYOBI
  • Item Weight:     55 Ponds
  • Power Source:  Corded Electric


The next item on our list is a Ryobi 40v self-propelled cordless lawnmower. The RY40190 has a tough and useful design perfect for lawns up to a quarter acre.

A brushless motor is used to boost the machine’s efficiency and lifetime. As the name implies, the Ryobi lawnmower is self-propelled, and the controls are easy enough for a novice to use.

The best thing about this mower is that it is foldable, a huge plus for storage. All you have to do now is decrease the mower height and remove the batteries to release the lever.

When the locking clips are not securely fastened, the mower has many sensors that prevent it from the beginning. A single lever may vary the cutting height between 1.5 and 3.75 inches. We were blown away when it came to the quality and precision of cuts made by this Ryobi self-propelled lawnmower.


  1. Simple to use.
  2. The design is collapsible for simple storage.
  3. Plenty of strength.
  4. Cut quality is excellent and consistent.


  1. There is no side discharge.
  2. It’s far too simple to adjust the speed control to higher settings.

Final Verdict

Sideways discharge is one feature that’s lacking here, but it’s one of the price-cutting corners you have to make. As long as you maintain the blades sharp, the 20″ deck always leaves a clean and uniform cut. Aside from that, it’s a good lawn mower for most people.

Ryobi Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower


  • Brand:                  RYOBI
  • Item Weight:     595 Ponds
  • Power Source:  Corded Electric


The RY48111 is a large riding mower with all of the newest technology and adaptability built-in. Its 38-inch twin-blade cutting deck is intended to cut through big lawns quickly, and the 100-amp-hour battery lets it cover up to 2.5 acres on a single charge.

It’s a tough machine on par with my top selections for 2-acre lawn tractors. This Ryobi lawnmower is significantly quieter than ordinary gas-powered mowers, even with three strong brushless motors and a large cutting deck.

The deck can be changed to 12 different settings, making it suited for the grass of all heights and wet or dry conditions. The Ryobi RY48111 comes with LED headlights, cruise control, a USB charging connector, and important components.

However, we discovered that the driver’s seat spring suspension is not the smoothest, and you may experience some shaking, especially if your lawn is quite rough. This mower, however, can keep up with lawns with a flat surface and slopes of up to 10-15 per cent.


  1. 38″ deck with two blades.
  2. Controlled glide.
  3. Phones and MP3 players that you may charge through USB.
  4. The height you may adjust in 12 different ways.


  1. Spring suspension is a little stiff.
  2. The stock blades are of poor quality.

Final Verdict

This Ryobi lawn mower should be on your wishlist because of its competitive selling price and several additional quality-of-life features. The Ryobi RY48111 has bagging, mulching, and side-discharge capabilities.

Apart from regular cleaning and some lead-acid battery care, it won’t require much maintenance. The Ryobi RY48111 has bagging, mulching, and side-discharge capabilities.

RYOBI Cordless Smart Trek Self-Propelled Mower 


  • Brand:                  RYOBI
  • Item Weight:     79Ponds
  • Power Source: Battery Powered


The RY40LM10-Y is identical to the previous model, except it has a 21″ deck and does not have a side discharge facility. Much of the build quality and functionality is shared with the more expensive RY40LM30.

With the Smart Trek Drive, you get a 7-position single point adjustment for a wonderful mowing experience. The same 40v, 6.0Ah twin battery powers this Ryobi self-propelled lawnmower, offering plenty of power and a great range.

Although the performance is outstanding, we believe the battery is not the fastest in terms of charging time, and the handle lacks a battery level indication.

It features a stainless steel blade that spins at 2800 RPM, significantly bigger than others in this price category. The blade provides a superior cut, and its bigger size allows it to handle larger areas.

The RY40LM10-Y is simple to use, and the addition of LED lamps allows you to use it at night without disturbing your neighbours, as the mower produces little noise.


  1. Dual high-capacity batteries
  2. Cutting performance is excellent.
  3. The cutting deck is 21 inches broad.
  4. Limited 5-year warranty


  1. There is no battery level indicator light.
  2. It takes some time to become acclimated to the self-propelled Smart Trek drive.
  3. Charge the battery slowly.

Final Verdict

Thanks to its long battery life and self-propulsion, this Ryobi electric lawnmower is ideal for everyone, from children to the elderly. The RY40LM10-Y is for you if you need to cover a bigger area without constantly charging the battery.

RYOBI Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower


  • Brand:                  RYOBI
  • Material:             Alloy Steel
  • Cutting Width: 42 Inches


Ryobi also offers a great zero-turn option. The RY48ZTR100 is a quiet and efficient riding mower with many contemporary features to help you move through your lawn fast. It isn’t the cheapest zero-turn on the market, but the sheer power, maintenance-free operation, and convenience make it well worth the investment.

This mower comes with a big 100Ah battery that, according to the manufacturer, will easily last three hours. Combine it with a 42-inch cutting deck with a 12-position height adjustment, and you’ll be ready to tackle any lawn or yard.

Using a lever that is easily accessible, you may adjust the height from 1.5″ to 4.5″. Because it’s a zero-turn mower, the four wheels and the twin blades are powered by four brushless motors.

It provides us with excellent mobility and a smooth ride. Next to the charging connector is a USB port and a cup holder. Finally, Ryobi has integrated powerful LED lamps, allowing you to operate it at night.


  1. Up to three hours of battery life.
  2. Zero-turn manoeuvrability is excellent.
  3. The cutting deck is 42″ long and has a 12-position height adjustment.
  4. USB charger and cup holder


  1. A little pricey.
  2. If set to a low height, it may struggle on thick, damp grass.

Final Verdict

The Ryobi RY48ZTR100 is a great option for homeowners with vast lawns or small businesses. It features one of the longest battery lifetimes of any zero-turn and a robust 42″ deck that can cut through anything. Aside from that, the entire electric design requires no maintenance, and you can add attachments like a side-discharge tube or a plough to extend its season.

Ryobi Lawn Mower Buying Guide

Some people enjoy mowing the grass while others despise it. For some, it’s an opportunity to get outside and turn that jungle into a well-kept lawn, but for others, it’s just more labour. On the other hand, choosing a lawnmower may be nearly as difficult as mowing with many available varieties.

Ryobi is a household name in the lawn and garden industry, but what does it have to offer in terms of lawnmowers, and are they worth buying? This tutorial will teach you all you need to know about Ryobi lawnmowers.

Push Lawn Mowers 

Ryobi makes a variety of push lawn mowers, emphasizing electric lawnmowers. Its petrol-powered push series comprises models with displacements of 160cc, 175cc, and 190cc, all of which have 4-stroke engines.

The Ryobi 160cc model has four blades, an auto-priming engine for simpler starting, mulching, and easy-fold handles.

The 175cc model comes with a 46cm cutting width, eight height settings, a 1.2L fuel tank, a 55L catcher, and a 3-in-1 discharge type that lets you collect, mulch, or discharge out the side to keep your grass looking great.

The top-of-the-line petrol push mower, the 190cc 4-stroke model, has the same features as the 175cc model but with a little more power and self-propelled drive to make mowing easier.

Electric Lawn Mowers

The electric model, which is available in 18V, 36V, and one corded 1300W model, is Ryobi’s largest lawn mower line-up, giving a variety of alternatives to help you conquer the grass. The 18V One+ lawnmower has a cutting width of 33cm, a 35L catcher, a 30-minute runtime, immediate start capabilities, and five cutting height options.

Another choice is the 18V One+ Brushless motor mower, which comes with load-sensing technology, vertical storage possibilities, fast release telescopic handles for better use, a 40cm cutting width, and mulching functionality.

The Ryobi 36V Brushless motor has a 46cm cutting width, 45L catcher, five height settings, load-sensing technology, and foldable, folding handles for simple storage.

The 36V 6.0AH Brushless mower has a 51-cm cutting width, a 58-litre catcher, and self-propelled capabilities to let you work smarter, not harder. It also has seven cutting heights and telescoping handles that can be folded for simple storage and room on board for an extra battery to aid with those huge chores.

Ride-On Mowers 

Ryobi has a wide selection of ride-on mowers, starting with the 48V Brushless mower, which has one hour run time on a full charge and can handle a full acre. A 76cm cutting width, seven height options, LED lighting, adjustable seat, USB charger, battery gauge, and cup holder provide equal parts comfort and practicality.

The middle model has a two-hour run duration, 12 cutting heights, a 96cm cutting width, and an optional grass catcher to collect clippings. The Brushless Zero Turn Rider’s top-of-the-line model has a three-hour run duration, a 106cm cutting width, a zero-turn radius, four brushless motors (two for the motor, two for the blades), and spring shocks in the seat for added comfort.


You’re losing out on possibilities to save time and money if you haven’t switched from gas-powered mowers to entirely electric ones. These electric lawn mowers are extremely efficient, nearly as powerful, and require less maintenance.
We hope our Ryobi lawn mower reviews helped you learn more about the brand and its best-value options. If you want to choose from the Ryobi push mowers we’ve reviewed, we think the Ryobi RY40190 strikes a good compromise between performance and affordability.
The Ryobi RY48ZTR100 is an excellent zero-turn mower to consider if you need a ride-on mower. You may also read our Husqvarna and Toro Timemaster reviews.