Remington Lawn Mower: Don’t Invest Before Reading This

remington-lawn-mower-reviewYour lawn will be hassle-free with a Remington lawnmower. This gas-powered lawnmower has a 21-inch cutting review deck and a reliable 140cc OHV auto choke engine, allowing you to mow larger expanses of grass in fewer passes.

Thanks to the unique SureCut blade, which rises and circulates as it cuts, the mower may discharge clippings from the side, bottom, or into the bag without clumps.


The Remington RM130 Reel Push Mower is unquestionably one of the most affordable, lightest, and most dependable mechanical lawnmowers. Because of its 21 deck and cutting-edge 6-blade system composed of stainless steel, it produces a particularly tidy and efficient cutting quality.

It’s incredibly easy to push this reel mower over your lawn for handling an overgrown patch or finishing touches in certain places, thanks to its ergonomic design with adjustable handlebars and a compact construction. Not to mention, its quiet and fume-free functioning means you’re immediately helping the environment.


Brand Remington

Power Source Gas Powered

Item Dimensions 38.38 x 24.25 x 18.13 inches

Material Alloy Steel

Style RM130 140cc 21-inch 3-in-1 Push

Item Weight 63.24 Pounds



Review of Remington lawn mower

The Remington Reel Mower has benefits and drawbacks. We’ll go over the essential ones with you, crucial characteristics to be aware of, and some commonly asked questions that may interest you.

SureCut Technology

The blade is 21″ broad and has SureCut Technology, which provides quicker blade movement for improved mowing results. You may choose from three different cutting settings: mulch, bag, or release grass clippings to the side. The height adjustment mechanism uses dual-lever technology, and you may pick from six different cutting heights.

Easy to use

If you’ve never used a reel mower before, you’ll find the Remington 21″ Reel Push Mower’s weight of 63 pounds unbelievable! Before you jump to conclusions, let me clarify that a reel mower is designed as a backup mower only if you see a patch of extremely tall grass or need to mow on a slope stretch where your conventional motor-powered mower struggles to manage.


I’m pleased to report that this Remington Reel Mower excels at all of these tasks! Thanks to its lightweight, cushioned, and adjustable handles, it’s nearly effortless to move it about.

The 7″ front wheels also make tackling those steep slopes a breeze. The disadvantage is that you can’t use it in rainy places or expect it to cut through weeds. However, the ability to slide it backwards without engaging the blade mechanism is incredible.

Cut Quality

There’s no doubt about the Remington 21-inch reel mower’s cut quality. This reel mower can snip off your grass with precision. Because the 21-inch cutting path is large enough, you won’t have to run many times. However, mow when the grass is completely dry.
I know several high-powered lawn mowers that can easily mow over wet grass, but this is not one of them! I’ve also had to stop the mower because a particularly tall or thick grass blade or twig became lodged in the blade. It hasn’t happened very often, possibly two or three times in the previous four months.


Lugging a reel mower around may appear to be a piece of cake in infomercials, but it requires a lot of strength (and you sweating it out, especially during summers). However, as a backup, a decent quality reel mower is still worth investing in, especially because it requires little time or effort to maintain.

There is no feeling, no winterising, no overheated breathers, no battery repair, and no irritating cord detangling. The Remington Reel Mower is a fantastic buy in all of these ways, especially because it comes with a two-year warranty!

Height Modification

There’s hardly much to be detailed about here! You may adjust The grass cutting height of the Remington 21 Reel Mower in 9 positions from 0.75 to 2.5 inches. That’s a really broad range, but instead of a single lever, there are two metal tabs encased in plastic. I believe the two levers are fantastic since they let you mow difficult terrain with varied height settings. Some folks, though, may prefer a single-lever.

Effectiveness in terms of cost

The Remington 21-inch Reel Push Mower’s pricing is the most enticing. It is a reputable manufacturer, comes with a 2-year warranty, and is excellent value for money. Non-branded reel mowers and Chinese knock-offs are significantly less expensive.


  1. Three different cutting options
  2. For optimum results, use SureCut Technology.
  3. You may adjust the mower’s height.
  4. The mower is simple to build right out of the box.


  1. Heavy
  2. The mower might stop due to tiny branches and hard material.


Should I choose a self-propelled or push gas lawn mower?

A self-propelled mower is undoubtedly superior, but they are more expensive, and you must consider whether you require one. Modern self-propelled gas lawn mowers can help you with the hard work by allowing you to change speeds while mowing, but if your grass is small, you may not require this type.

Is the handle durable enough to withstand severe pushing?

Yes, the handle is sturdy and will not budge.

How can you tell whether a mower is manoeuvrable before you use it?

Several factors determine the mobility of a mower. The front-wheel-drive technology will improve the self-propelled lawn mower’s manoeuvrability. There are several mowers with 11″ or even 12″ inch huge wheels on the market and in our list of the top 15 gas lawnmowers. They won’t get caught on bumpy or mountainous terrain.

Final words

Consumers flocked to the Remington RM130 in droves. It was praised for its inexpensive cost, convenience of use, little maintenance, and solid construction. Customers especially appreciated the inclusion of a grass collector for easy clipping disposal.
It couldn’t mow near fence lines or walled borders because of its wheel configuration. However, for small to medium-yard owners seeking a low-maintenance mower, the RM130 comes highly recommended.

You may set the perfect grass height for your lawn with the dual-lever 6-position height adjustment. The comfortable grip and adjustable handles let you stand up straight while mowing, minimizing hand and back strain.