Kubota B3350 Problems – Troubleshooting Manual For Users

Kubota B3350 Problems

The Kubota B3350 tractor is a popular choice among landowners and farmers. It is capable of completing a wide range of tasks and can handle most jobs that are thrown its way.

However, there are some problems that owners have reported with this model. The most common issue is engine failure.

Owners have also reported losing speed during operation, locking up of steering functionality, and part failure when the tractor still has a few hours on it.

Owners have had issues with the hydraulic pump failing, causing their tractor to stop working. There are also complaints about broken parts at high mileage, but Kubota has resolved this issue by providing better quality parts in its newer models.

The most common issue is engine failure

Common Problems In Kubota B3350

Kubota b3350 DPF Regeneration Problem

The Kubota B3350 is a diesel engine with a DPF (diesel particulate filter). The DPF traps exhaust particles, removing them from the system. Unfortunately, this process can be clogged by carbon deposits and other debris. The Kubota B3350 will emit steam when a blockage occurs because the exhaust is being drawn through the DPF in an attempt to clean it. If this happens, drive for about 15 minutes at 40mph until the steam stops coming out of your exhaust pipe.

Kubota b3350 DPF Regeneration Problem

The regeneration process will continue even after you have cleared the blockage. Wait to let your guard down until the indicator light goes off or you see no smoke coming out of your exhaust pipe.

Low oil level: Make sure you check your oil level regularly and add more if it is low. You should also check whether any of your fluids are leaking or not. If there is any leakage, contact our service team immediately so we can help you with the problem.

Low oil level

Carbon build-up: There is possible carbon build-up in your Kubota B3350 diesel engine when running for long periods without being used often enough. This can cause many problems, including poor fuel economy, less power, and even increased emissions from your vehicle’s exhaust pipe when using unleaded gasoline to run on regular diesel fuel instead of biofuel (which has zero carbon).

Passive regeneration

Passive regeneration is to burn off accumulated soot in the diesel particulate filter (DPF) using engine heat and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). It’s based on temperature and pressure generated by combustion in the engine.

This is when your tractor will automatically regenerate itself when it is idling or driving in neutral gear. This process will happen every 30 seconds until the DPF regenerates completely.

Engine Not Working

The Kubota B3350 is a series of compact tractors manufactured by the Kubota Corporation. It is a successor to the B2350.

The Kubota B3350 tractor has two engine options: 

  • an all-new Kubota Kohler 7000 Series and 
  • a Caterpillar 3306B Diesel engine. 

Engine Not Working

The difference between these two engines is the power output and fuel efficiency. The Kubota Kohler 7000 Series has a higher power output than the Caterpillar 3306B diesel engine, allowing for faster work speed and increased torque throughout the range of operating speeds. This means that it can perform more work than before on a single tank of fuel. Additionally, the Kubota Kohler 7000 Series has improved fuel efficiency over other models in its class.

Reasons For Kubota B3350 Engine Not Working

An issue that many users have reported is that their engine is not working. This can be due to several reasons. 

  • The first is that there might be a fault in the starter motor or the battery. To fix this problem, you must check these components and troubleshoot them accordingly.
  • Another problem could be with the ignition system or spark plugs. If you notice that your engine does not respond when you turn on your ignition key, it could mean something wrong with your ignition system. Moreover, if your engine does not start at all, then there could be an issue with your spark plugs or even the carburetor.

Electrical Problems and Faulty Spark Plugs

The Kubota B3350 is a diesel engine that runs on electricity. This means that it will have problems with electrical connections and wiring. 

The spark plugs are also an important part of the engine. They help to ignite the fuel in the cylinders so that they can start to burn. If your Kubota B3350 has not been used in a while or has been sitting idle for too long, your spark plugs may need to be fixed. 

Electrical Problems and Faulty Spark Plugs

This could be because they have become corroded or dirty from oil buildup. You can check your spark plugs by turning on your engine and listening for any unusual sounds, such as tapping or knocking, from inside your engine compartment. 

This could indicate that there are problems with some of the components inside your engine compartment, such as spark plugs, ignition coils, or even an exhaust pipe breaking off due to age or wear and tear over time.

Large Built and Oil Tank

B3350 is one of the larger built tractors from Kubota with a 4-cyl. Diesel engine. The engine is powerful and has plenty of torque, making it suitable for various terrains, fields, farms, or even construction sites. The tractor has a large oil tank capacity, giving you enough time to refill it after every use. The tractor also comes with various attachments that can be used in various applications, like plowing or mowing.

The B3350 has only two models available: standard and deluxe models. 

Large Built and Oil Tank

Both are similar in terms of features, but they have some differences. The deluxe model has an air conditioner which can make your work less stressful, especially during hot weather or when working under the sun for long hours. In addition, it also comes with a radio system so you can listen to music while working on your farm/construction site.

Automatic Transmission and Reverse Gear

The Kubota B3350 has an automatic transmission that makes it easy for you to go up and down steep slopes without any problems. The reverse gear also makes it easy for you to move backward when needed, so there are no worries about having an accident while trying to move backward or forwards on your farm.

Shutting Down and Stalling

One common problem with the Kubota B3350 is that it will shut down or stall unexpectedly while you work. This can be very dangerous if you are driving at high speeds or operating machinery nearby when this happens. The cause of this issue is usually due to faulty wiring or poor electrical connections in your tractor’s electrical system. If you notice that your Kubota B3350 randomly shuts down while you are using it, have your mechanic check over the wiring in your tractor’s engine compartment and any other electrical components to ensure they are properly connected and functional.

Problematic Software

Another common problem with the Kubota B3350 is that the software on your tractor may need to perform better or malfunction when operating certain functions on your tractor, such as turning on headlights or engaging transmission gears smoothly during operation.

There are two ways to correct this problem:

  1. You can take your tractor to your local dealer to repair or replace the ECM (Engine Control Module). They will also need to replace any other sensors that may have been damaged by the faulty software and reset any codes that may remain on your dash once they have replaced all the necessary components. This is not an easy job for someone without experience working on tractors or other heavy machinery, so you might want to consider taking it somewhere where they know their way around such things instead of trying this yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing in this area yet.
  2. You can update your firmware using a USB stick (provided by Kubota), but make sure it matches up with your serial number!

Poor Fuel Economy

The Kubota B3350 has poor fuel economy. The reason is that it has a big engine, so it consumes a lot of fuel.

The Kubota B3350 has an eight-cylinder engine that consumes more fuel than other tractors in its class. The Kubota B3350 also has a large cab, which adds to the weight and makes it more difficult for the tractor to reach its maximum speed.

Difficulty Starting In Cold Weather

The Kubota B3350 is a diesel-powered tractor, so it needs time to warm up before it can be started. This can be problematic if you start your tractor on cold mornings when the temperature is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius).

Different Trouble Codes Meaning

You should get this engine checked as soon as possible because it’s likely to be expensive to repair if it needs replacing completely!

Trouble code P0456

This is a serious problem and can damage your engine significantly. You need to get it fixed as soon as possible! If you don’t notice any symptoms, you’ll need to contact an expert who can diagnose and repair this issue quickly and efficiently.

Trouble code P0300

If your Kubota B3350 is giving trouble codes P0300 and P0351, chances are there’s something seriously wrong. You should get this engine checked as soon as possible because it’s likely to be expensive to repair if it needs replacing completely!

Trouble code P0351

If your Kubota B3350 is giving trouble codes P0300 and P0351, chances are there’s something seriously wrong. You should get this engine checked as soon as possible because it’s likely to be expensive to repair if it needs replacing completely!

Trouble code P0353

This code means a problem with the crankshaft position sensor or its wiring. When this happens, the ECM won’t be able to tell how far the crankshaft is from the top dead center (TDC). It will compensate by adding spark advance, which could result in rough idling or stalling when cold at idle speed.

Trouble code P0765

This means that there was an engine misfire on cylinder number 5. It could be caused by a faulty spark plug or faulty ignition coil, but you should get this checked out by a mechanic before proceeding further.

Why Is My Kubota B3350 DPF Regeneration Not Working?

The DPF regeneration problem happens when the tractor stops working while you are using it, and then it won’t start until you clear the error code by running an OBD scan tool or clearing the error code manually. To prevent this problem from happening again, you must fix your OBD system first so that you don’t have to deal with it again in the upcoming months or years.

If you own a Kubota B3350 tractor and you’re having similar problems with it, then here are some steps that you can take to fix those issues:

  • Clear the error code (if there is any) by running an OBD scan tool or clearing the error code manually. 
  • Run a full diagnostic test on your tractor to see if there are any problems with its engine or its OBD system.


Is Kubota B3350 A Good Tractor?

The Kubota B3350 is an excellent tractor. It has a 3-cylinder, and the air-cooled diesel engine produces 36 HP with a maximum torque of 53 ft-lbs. The transmission is manual, so you have to shift it yourself. It has a 4WD system for extra traction and stability when working on rough terrain. The engine is also equipped with a turbocharger, which allows it to produce more horsepower than generally expected from its size. This makes the Kubota B3350 very powerful and capable of handling most jobs around the farm or ranch.

Why Is My Kubota B3350 Stalling?

If your Kubota B3350 starts to stall when you use it, there could be several reasons for this. You should check that all of the fluids in your tractor are full and not leaking out anywhere. The fuel filter may be clogged up if you have been using poor-quality fuel recently, leading to poor performance and stalling issues when driving at high speeds or under heavy load conditions. Another common cause of stalling problems on tractors is that the ignition switch may have become defective.

How Long Does It Take For Kubota L3901 To Clear A Blockage?

The Kubota L3901 is a compact tractor that can be used for many tasks. It is perfect for mowing, landscaping, and towing. The Kubota L3901 has a 21-horsepower engine that can provide power and torque for many different tasks. One of the most common problems with the Kubota L3901 is a blockage in the fuel filter. There are several reasons why this may occur, but it is important to know how long it takes for your Kubota L3901 to clear a blockage.

What Causes A Blockage In The Fuel Filter?

Several reasons your Kubota L3901 might have a blockage in its fuel filter. The most common cause of this problem is debris and sediment collecting in the carburetor. This debris can come from dirt or other particles getting sucked into the carburetor during operation. Notice that your Kubota L3901 is starting slower or more slowly than usual. There may be a blockage in your fuel filter that must be removed immediately before damage occurs to other parts of your tractor’s engine system.

How Many Hours Will A Kubota Last?

The Kubota B3350 has an average lifespan of 4,500 to 5,500 hours of use.

Are Kubota Tractors Good Quality?

Kubota is best known for producing high-quality compact and sub-compact tractors. They are an OEM supplier of many other brands, including John Deere, New Holland, and Massey Ferguson.

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