Scag Liberty Z Problems – Troubleshooting Guide For Users

Scag Liberty-Z Problems

The Scag Liberty Z has a 42-inch deck, which means it can cut up to 18,000 square feet in one hour, or about 1/4 acre. This is enough for most yards unless you have a vast property and need something more significant.

The Liberty Z has some issues with steering and wheels, which can sometimes be frustrating. But this isn’t surprising when you consider that the machine was designed by and built for homeowners, not commercial users. While it may not be perfect, it remains a solid choice for an affordable entry-level zero-turn mower.

High Noteable Problems In Scag Liberty Z

Some users noted that their mower had issues sticking when cutting wet grass or thick grasses like Bermuda and Kentucky bluegrass – this could be due to either poor maintenance or too much pressure being applied. The good news is that Scag offers great customer service and will help you fix any problems that arise from improper use or maintenance.

High Noteable Problems In Scag Liberty Z

Quick Troubleshoots

Quick Troubleshoots

Scag Liberty Z Problems Solutions
Scag Gas Tank Leak Visit specialist
Starting Issues
  • Add additive to the fuel
  • Charge the battery
  • Check the wiring and connections 
  • Check the spark plug
  • Replace the PTO switch
Suddenly turning off
  • Check and change the engine 
  • Clean the fuel filters and fuel line
  • Clean the pipe to the carburetor
Blowing dust clouds during drier weather
  • Install new baffle accessory
  • Desist from using high-lift blades and switch to low-lift blades
Steering problem
  • Take off the bolt 
  • Unscrew the handle
  • Use a water scale to find a perfect balance
Cutting grass unevenly Check the blades. 

  • Sharpen them.

If the mower is damaged, 

  • Replace blades.
  • Do not apply on wet grass
  • Choose the suitable blades for your Scag when replacing them.
Broken fuel gauge Visit Specialist
Engine surging Check Air Filters
Fuel Gauge Broken Repair it
Dust Cloud In Drier Weather Change blade, install baffle
Gas tank leaks
  • Check the fuel pump and fuel system
  • Check fuel filters
Peeling mower deck Use standard lift blade

Starting problem

If you have a Scag liberty z that you have used for a while, this could be a common issue. Starting issues with the Scag Liberty Z occur when the engine ages and the spark plugs become damaged. Additionally, the care affects the starting problem as well.

The issue might get worse in extremely cold or hot weather. Practice patience and take action to fix the problem if your lawn mower won’t start.


If the Scag Freedom Z is having trouble starting or operating, remove the upper cover and locate the spark plug. After spinning the plug with a range, remove it. See if there is any dirt on the spark plug. Use sandpaper or anti-corrosion spray if there is rusting or dirt. After cleaning it, reinstall the spark plug. Replace the spark plug if it won’t start.

Before starting over, inspect the wiring. Your lawnmower will be in operation.

Blade Not Functioning

Blade issue is situated in all the lawnmowers in the world. On the internet, there are numerous questions concerning this particular topic.

The grass is covered in various particles we cannot see with ordinary eyes. Along with grass and wetness, those impurities can cause problems by dulling the blade. In addition, there is nothing to prevent the blade from becoming dull due to tiny stones.


Simply sharpening the blades or purchasing new blades will solve this problem. To begin that procedure, you must first detach all of the components that hold the blades in place.

t also has the engine wire and a propeller panel. After unscrewing the complete body, you must proceed to the blade area, where a lug nut or bolt is attached in the middle of the blades.

Attempt to sharpen the blades after you have finished detaching them; however, we advise hiring an expert or visiting a hardware store where we may share them. You can always get new blades if the old ones are too bad.

Blade Not Functioning

Surging Engine

Engine surging is another frequent Scag Liberty Z issue. Engine surging has been the subject of numerous reports. The issue first appears at low revolutions per minute (RPM), then at normal RPMs. The issue might not disappear even after adding a fuel stabilizer to the tank.

When the blades are engaged is the time when you might observe the engine idling or surging. This issue will still be there even after cleaning the mower (to ensure no grass is in or on it).


Any dirty fuel filters or carburetors stopping the engine from getting gasoline can be replaced because there would be a problem with the fuel delivery or the plug. So, it’s better to replace. If the issue continues, speak with the dealer.

Steering Problem

There is no question that you must first learn how to drive a mower if you regularly use one. If the steering does not function properly, it is not your fault.

The balance of the steering wheel can shift occasionally. The lawnmower is difficult to manage, and if something goes wrong, an accident may result. Heavy use may cause the steering wheel’s balance to go off, leading to problems.


The remedy isn’t difficult, but it requires a lot of effort. You will require a ratchet and a few other tools to solve the steering problem. A bolt can be found between the handles.

The bolt can be removed with a variety of screwdrivers. You will discover a rod with a bearing after removing the steering handle. Check to verify if the handles have two screws on each side. To make the handle balanced, turn those screws. You can scale water to determine the ideal balance. To fix it, tighten up the screws in a systematic manner.

Turning Off Suddenly

This is also one of the main issues in Scag liberty Z. This could result from loose wire connections, unchanged engine oil, or spark plug issues discussed above. Most of the time the fuel line becomes jammed. And jamming of the fuel line results in shutting off the lawnmower.


The fixation is easy; replace the engine oil and check if the issue goes. You have to check if the wire is loose or not. If they are loose, then tighten them with the required tools. Also, see the fuel lines; if the blockage is there, then resolve this issue.


What Is the Speed of Scag Liberty Z mowers?

Scag Liberty Z has a reverse ground speed of 5 mph and a forward ground speed of 8 mph. This is a good speed for the lawnmower.

What is the cost of Scag liberty Z mowers?

Scag Liberty Z mowers cost up to 5800$, which includes all the accessories of this lawnmower. It may seem expensive, but you will get a good worker who will meet all your daily lawn functions.


Problems can appear in every machinery, so there is no need to panic. We have mentioned all the common issues that Scag liberty Z can cause along with their solutions. The steering problem in them is a major issue, and it is recommended to resolve this by a professional.

Always take safety measures before solving their issues. We hope this article provided enough information regarding Scag liberty Z issues.

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