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John Deere Gator 835M Problems – How To Deal With Them?

 John-Deere-Gator-835M-ProblemsWhen the firm is mentioned, most people immediately picture one of John Deere’s many agricultural UTVs (Utility Terrain Vehicles). But they earn far more than that.

Another piece of equipment that is becoming increasingly well-liked in the modern world is the line of utility vehicles, which you may use for farming or any other type of job.

If John Deer issues appear out of nowhere and interfere with your work, it cannot be very pleasant. And there are some drawbacks to this as well. The starter on the more recent Gator 835M occasionally does not respond, the engine occasionally fails to start because of a problem with the starter motor, and there are additional issues.

Fortunately, we have listed each of these problems in this article, along with solutions for fixing them and restarting your machine.

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Frequent Problems Of John Deere Gator And Their Possible Solutions

Common problems that causes are given below with their fixations:

Overheating Problem

There isn’t even the slightest chance that the John UTV won’t exert great effort to cut your grass despite the oppressive heat properly. The engine can overheat during the hotter summer months, which is problematic if extended workdays are involved.

Even before the engine of the Gator 835M has a possibility of becoming hot enough to be dangerous, a variety of circumstances must be met. The engine components risk catching fire, swelling, or being burned out if excessive temperatures are routinely applied.


The following is a list of fixes for the issues brought on by too much heat:

To avoid overheating, clean the engine appropriately. To properly clean the inside of the engine, use the UTV’s included brush. Use a soft-fibre brush to clean the engine because doing so will help the air travel more easily. Additionally, following these instructions can prevent the engine from overheating.

Make sure that the oil tank is not too full or too empty by checking the oil levels. It would help if you waited until the engine had had a chance to cool down before putting oil on it. You must also check the UTV’s fuel filter and tank tubes to ensure they are in good condition.

A clogged filter may have caused harm to the fuel system. If this is the case, you should clean the filter and replace it if you find that you cannot clean it.

Fluid Leakage


Fluid leaks in the Gator of the tractor looks like a major problem because it is frequently difficult to lean even to identify the source of the leak. Do a thorough checking at a few critical areas if you notice that your UTV is dripping fluids.

  • First of all, inspect the radiator and fuel tank. Check to see if any parts are leaking fluids or water. 
  • The leaking may also occur if the tractor gets damaged while driving on rough terrain. You should observe the leak.


Identifying the location and size of the drip is your first responsibility. The leak frequently occurs when the seal is completely disconnected.

Firmly place the seal. Use a preservative to stop the leak if it comes from a radiator, pump, or other internal components. Anti-leak additives are available for simple usage because they practically heal the leak. Fill the fluid in the radiator after fixing the leak.

Starting Problem

A few electrical problems can typically be easily found and fixed when a starting fails. Here is the possible cause why the Gator won’t start properly, along with solutions so that you can use the device as soon as possible.

Incorrect Ignition Switch: There are situations when an ignition switch issue can be linked to a faulty starter. Turn on the ignition to check whether the switch has an issue.

Damaged Battery: A bad starter should be the first to be examined when diagnosing issues. If it have insufficient electric current, it is impossible to identify the damaged starter. It can be irritating to have a battery that isn’t functioning properly when you want to mow the lawn, and it might cause the starter not to work.

Damaged Solenoid: A starting solenoid is a button attached to the vehicle that activates the engine starter motor. It has three or four threaded electrical connectors that connect to the battery, the engine starter, the ground wires, and the ignition switch. The starter won’t work if you have a defective one.

Faulty Starter: Even after checking the battery, solenoid, ignition switch, wiring, and electrical connections, if the Gator 835M still won’t start, there’s a significant chance the starter motor is to blame. A defective starter is one of the most frequent causes of tractor not starting.


Check the battery’s charge first. You can use an ammeter to measure it and determine the answer. The battery must be fully charged if there is not enough charge. Your UTV can be jump-started using a cable, or if you have the time, you can remove the battery and use a battery charger. Verify the charge level to make sure it is appropriate.

Dealing with any loose connections is an additional potential solution. Verify that each cable is properly positioned. You will need to manually reposition the ground wire after it occasionally loose from the connector; if the Ignition switch is causing the problem, replace it.

Issues With The 4WD And The Clutch


The tractor’s clutch occasionally fails to open fully at idle speeds, resulting in shift problems. Other times, the car’s 4WD system doesn’t engage correctly. Tough terrain, excessive heating or cooling, and faulty connections can all contribute to it. The system can stop working if two tires become jammed at once.


You will most likely need to replace the clutch if there is a problem. The only practical action to take when the clutch fails is to replace it.

Your local technician may offer clutch replacements. You should wait for the 4WD system to cool down if the problem is with it. Consider giving the circuit fuse socket a good cleaning. After then, try to restart the vehicle to see how it performs.

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What kind of engine is in the John Gator 835M?

An 812-cm3 (49.6-CU in), 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, dual overhead cams, four-cycle gasoline engine powers the John Deere tractor.

What is the weight of a John Deere Gator 835M?

The Gator 835M is 2,400 lbs. in weight.


A leading manufacturer of farm equipment and utility vehicles is John Deere. One of the products with a lot of practical applications is the Gator 835M. There are several issues with this one that apply to all vehicles. However, you can easily fix it or take it to the dealer. If you have read this post, you already know exactly what needs fixing.

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