Greenworks Vs. EGO – Which Is Best?

Greenworks Vs. EGO

Greenworks and EGO are known for making some of the best electric mowers on the market. Both companies have been innovating and improving their designs over time, but some differences between their products may help you decide which is right.

In this article, we’ll look at how each brand compares in terms of price and performance so you can find the perfect electric lawn mower for your needs.


Quick Comparision Between Greenworks Vs Ego

GreenWorks Ego Power+
Model 19.5×29.2×20.66 16.14×37.4×21.65
Weight Without Battery 42.5 lbs 56.22 lbs
Battery Rechargeable  Rechargeable
Charger Include Yes Yes
Cutting -Path 20-inch 20-inch
Seat Adjustment Yes Yes
Power Adjustment Yes Yes
Fuel 14 Gallon 15.6 Gallon
Mulching Capability Yes Yes
Blades Dual Single
LED HeadLIghts No  Yes
All Weather Friendly No Yes
Warranty  4 Years 5 Years

Why Is It Essential To Understand The Difference Between Greenworks and Ego?

Many people need clarification about the differences between Greenworks and Ego. They are both reputable brands that produce high-quality electric lawnmowers. However, there are several key differences between them that you need to know before making your purchase decision.

The main difference is that Greenworks is an American company, and Ego is a Chinese company. Therefore, you can expect better customer service from Greenworks and better quality control from Ego. You should also note that Greenworks will offer more reliable warranties than Ego because they have better financial backing than their Chinese counterpart.


Which Is The Most Widely Used Electric Lawn Mower Brand?

The most widely used brand of electric lawnmowers with cordless features among homeowners is Greenworks, a North American business. Group of Globe Tools established Greenworks in 2007. For its electric lawn mowers, it is highly known.

The 24V series, the first most cordless lawn mowers produced by the business, only had one battery. Greenworks lawn mowers can now compete in the present market thanks to the invention of using more than one battery.

EGO’s Cordless Lawnmowers Best Known For

EGO’s Cordless Lawnmowers Best Known For

EGO’s cordless lawnmowers are best known for their mobility and maneuverability. The design allows users to move freely around their yards without worrying about cords getting tangled or dragged behind them as they move over uneven terrain. They also come with a four-wheel drive system that helps them maintain traction while turning corners or going up hills so you can stay on top of your lawn care duties without having to make multiple passes over each area of your yard.

Major Differences Between Greenworks And Ego

Major Differences Between Greenworks And Ego

Greenworks and Ego are the biggest names in the electric lawnmower market. Both have a lot to offer, including features like mulching capabilities and easy maneuverability. But there are also some key differences between them, such as:

Batteries Capacities

Greenworks offers lawnmowers with a lithium-ion battery in four power ranges: 24 volts, 36 volts, 48 volts, and 80 volts. The higher the voltage number, the more influential the lawnmower will be.

EGO has one power range of 56 volts.

The battery capacity is measured in amp hours (Ah). A larger Ah rating means that the battery can last longer before needing to be recharged. Both companies offer batteries with an Ah rating between 40 and 60 Ah. The Greenworks 80-volt battery has a capacity of 100 Ah, compared to EGO’s highest-rated battery at 60 Ah.

Lithium-ion batteries are better than lead-acid batteries since they are lighter, have no memory effect, and can be charged faster than lead-acid batteries. Lithium-ion batteries also have a longer lifespan than lead-acid batteries due to their ability to withstand deep discharges without damage or loss of capacity. However, lithium-ion batteries are more expensive than lead-acid ones.

Battery Life

The GreenWorks models have a longer battery life than their counterparts from Ego, but they take longer to charge up.

Battery Run

GreenWorks has a smaller battery than the Ego models. The GreenWorks G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer/Edger is a 2.6-pound trimmer lasting for 45 minutes on a single charge. The larger 4AH battery in the Ego comes with more power and lasts longer. It weighs 8 pounds but can run for up to 80 minutes on a single charge.

Weight and Handling

Although the Greenworks model has a larger battery, it weighs less than the Ego models. The ones from GreenWorks are smaller and lighter than those from Ego.

However, while being slightly heavier, the Ego’s one has a self-propelling system. With this feature, you do not have to push or pull it all the time because it is powered by an engine that moves in both directions simultaneously. This makes it easier for people who need to be more vital to carry their lawnmowers around easily.

Brushed Or Brushless Motors

Brushed Or Brushless Motors

Another difference between these two brands is their quality and durability. Most EGO lawnmowers have a brush connected to the motor. There can be an exception in some models. In contrast, the bulk of the models of Greenworks lawnmowers typically come with brushless motors.

This type of motor is more energy efficient, and it is also quieter than traditional motors. In most cases, you will not hear any noise when using a model with this motor type.

Mowing Period Following Full Charge

EGO lawn mowers have a lengthy runtime after a full charge. Depending on the type and battery, one fully charged battery will give you anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes of overall mowing time. A Greenworks lawn mower’s battery life is shorter than an EGO lawn mower. Depending on the type and battery, you can mow for between 30 and 60 minutes. As a result, an EGO lawn mower has a longer cutting time after charging than a Greenworks lawn mower.

Price Differences

One of the most significant differences is that Greenworks lawn mowers are made in America, while Ego lawn mowers are made in China. This means that Greenworks lawn mowers are more expensive than Ego lawn mowers.

Another difference is that EGO lawnmowers often cost slightly less than Greenworks lawnmowers. The range of prices of Ego is $300 to $699. Due to the addition of an extra delivery fee, the pricing may change slightly. You will have to pay a little bit more for Greenworks lawnmowers. Between $300.99 and $999.99 is the price range for the various options. Because delivery charges are included, the pricing may vary slightly.

Is Greenworks pro the same as EGO?

Cutting Width: Both cut 22 inches wide, but the Greenworks can cut up to 2 inches deeper at 3 inches vs. 1 ½ inches on the EGO. Advantage Greenworks.

Handle: The handle on the Greenworks is much more comfortable than on the EGO (less vibration) and folds down for storage or transport (unlike the EGO). Advantage Greenworks.

Battery Life: Both run about 45 minutes per charge, but the EGO takes longer than an hour to recharge vs. 30 minutes for the Greenworks. Advantage Greenworks.

Overall feeling: Both feel solid and well-built. The Greenworks has a metal shaft for its handle as opposed to plastic like the EGO. Advantage Greenworks because it feels better in your hand, even if it’s only by a small amount.

Cord Length: The Greenworks has a 25-ft cord and is adjustable from 10-20 ft by pulling out the cord from its casing and sliding it up or down through the metal guide holes in the casing. The EGO has a 20-ft cord that cannot be adjusted or removed from its casing, so you have to manage around that limitation if it’s too long for your needs or too short if it’s too short for your needs (which it will be if you have an average size yard like mine). Advantage Greenworks.

Ease Of Use: Both are easy to use, but the EGO wins out because it has an auto-feed string head that will cut your work time down by quite a bit.

Portability: The Greenworks does have a shoulder strap, but it still needs to be more convenient than the EGO, which has a built-in handle and weighs less than 10 pounds.

Power: The Greenworks is more powerful, but you’ll only notice this if you’re using it in full sun on a hot day. In shade or low light conditions, they’re essentially even.

Durability: The Greenworks is more durable because of its steel drive shaft and gears (the EGOs are nylon). However, the EGO’s engine is water-resistant and will last longer in damp conditions.


Things just got a little more challenging for Ego, who holds quite a good market share in the weed-whacker category. If you have yet to hear of the Greenworks lawn mower brand, think Craftsman tools; the name has a similar quality. Now, they are looking to move into the yard and garden tools market. Right now, they have two models, 21-inch and 16-inch electric corded mowers, as well as a 20V cordless power mower.

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