Spartan Mower Problems – Maintenance Guide For Users

Spartan Mower Problems

The Spartan Mower is a low-end walk-behind mower that uses a Briggs and Stratton engine. This engine is known for being easy to start and durable. It’s also known for being loud, but that is okay because it will drown out any strange noises your lawn might make while cutting it.

The Spartan Mower has some good features that may appeal to some people but not others. One problem noted by customers of Spartan mowers needs to be consistent cuts. Some customers complained that the blade would stop spinning after only five minutes of use, which can be frustrating if you’re trying to finish up your yard in one sitting. Others said they had trouble getting their mowers started, or their engines wouldn’t stop running even when they let go of the handlebars.

Why Is My Spartan Mower Not Working?

The Spartan mower is a small riding mower with a 21-inch deck and an electric start. It has a 3-in-1 design, which allows it to mulch, bag, or discharge the grass clippings. A Briggs & Stratton engine with a 725cc displacement and a 6-speed manual transmission with reverse powers the mower. The mower weighs about 105 pounds and comes standard with 12-inch front wheels, 8 inches in the back, and 8-inch tires on all four wheels.

  1. Difficult To Maneuver

If your lawnmower is challenging to maneuver, it could be due to several factors. First, make sure that you have enough gas in the tank. If you run out of gas, your mower will start but shut off quickly. You can also check if any dirt or debris is caught in the blade or under the mower’s deck. This could make it difficult for your mower to move smoothly across the lawn. Make sure all blades are sharp and clean before operating the machine again.

  1. Starting problems

Your mower has a manual start system, so if it does not start, there could be a problem with the electric starter. If this is the case, you need to check that no debris is blocking the electric starter from turning over the engine. You will also want to ensure you have enough charge in your battery before attempting to start your mower.

If none of these things work, you may need to replace your starter switch or install a new battery if yours is old or dead.

  1. Uneven cut

If you notice that one side of your lawn appears more cut than the other, this could be due to a bent blade or uneven weight distribution on one side of the deck. If one side feels heavier than another when pulling back on the handlebar, try adjusting the cutting height by raising or lowering it slightly until both sides feel equal weight distribution when pulling back on the handlebar.

  1. It can be too loud

When you’re mowing, the engine should be quiet and smooth. If it’s making a lot of noise or racing, there may be an issue with your fuel system. This could be due to a dirty carburetor, clogged fuel filter, or bad spark plug.

You may also notice that your engine is running hot. If this happens, stop mowing immediately and check the oil level in the reservoir. If it’s low, add some more before continuing.

  1. Replacement parts are expensive

The first thing to check is whether you need any replacement parts. If your mower has stopped working and you are sure it did not just run out of gas or oil, you may need to replace some parts. It is always better to spend money on replacing the part than on a new lawnmower altogether.

  1. Wiring problems

Sometimes, the wiring in the handle can get damaged or break easily. It is essential to check this first because they can be easily replaced if broken. The wiring in the handle controls all of the features on your lawnmower, including starting and stopping the engine and changing speeds while mowing.

  1. Noise Issues

 Loose belts, worn bearings, or worn-out parts can cause a noisy engine. You may also need to replace your spark plugs if they’re old and worn out.

  1. Air Filters

If you have an electric starter, check the battery to see if it needs to be replaced or recharged. A dead battery can cause your mower’s engine to stall.

  1. Sharpened Blades

If your mower’s blades are not turning, there are several possible causes:

The engine may not be running. Check that the ignition key is turned to the ‘ON’ position and that there is gas in your mower’s tank.

The belt may be broken or stretched out. The belt should spin smoothly between pulleys without excessive slack or resistance. If it appears loose, worn, or damaged in any way, replace it immediately before using it again.

Alternatively, if you have access to a replacement belt (ordered separately), you can try installing that instead of replacing the entire pulley system. Make sure to tighten all mounting bolts and check for any stripped threads or cracks around mounting holes before installing a new belt.

  1. Tire Pressure

Tire Pressure

Tire pressure affects how well your mower will run and how long it will last. The tires should have enough air in them so they do not stick to the ground when driving over uneven terrain or when you are going downhill. Also, check for any cracks or damage on your wheels and tires to ensure they hold up well.

  1. Battery Not Charging

Battery Not Charging

The battery needs to be charged before using the machine. The battery will not charge if it is overcharged or defective. A charging cord can connect the battery to a power source. If the cord does not work correctly, try another one until you find one that works.

  1. Engine Running Roughly or Stalling Out

If your engine seems to be running roughly or stalling out when idling, check these things first:  – Fuel filter may need replacing; – Spark plug(s) may be fouled or contaminated; – Engine oil level may be low; – Carburetor float level may be too high; – Carburetor main jet may need cleaning or replacement.

  1. It Starts And Runs Poorly At Low Rpms

If your mower starts and then runs poorly at low RPMs, check these things first:  – Spark plug(s) may be fouled or contaminated; – Engine oil level may be insufficient; – Carburetor float level may be too high; – Carburetor main jet may need cleaning or replacement.

  1. Loss of Power

A loss of power in the engine is one of the most common problems with a Spartan mower. This could be caused by a clogged air filter or other debris in the carburetor. If you have an electric starter, check the battery to see if it needs to be replaced or recharged. You may also need to adjust the throttle cable so it’s not sticking when you push down on it.

Troubleshooting The Common Issues

  1. Restore gas

This is the most common issue people experience with their spartan mowers. The gas in the tank can become stale if it sits for too long without being used, causing it not to run correctly once you start it up again. To correct this issue, drain all the old gas from your fuel tank and replace it with fresh gasoline from a new container. This will restore the original octane rating of your fuel and resolve any issues with starting up again after sitting idle for weeks at a time.

  1. Replace The Fuel Filter

If your lawn mower is not starting, it could be because of a dirty fuel filter. The fuel filter keeps dirt and particles out of the gas tank, which helps keep your engine running smoothly. If you have been using your lawnmower for a while without cleaning the filter, it may be time to replace it with a new one. This will help ensure that no dirt is getting into your fuel system and causing problems with starting up your mower.

  1. Check Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is critical to the performance of your mower. If the tire is inflated, it will retain its load-carrying ability. Underinflated tires can be dangerous as they need to provide more traction on wet or icy surfaces.

A gauge and a compressor are the best way to check tire pressure. You can also use a tire pressure gauge with a digital readout, such as those found on some consumer-grade air compressors.

If you have an electric car or motorcycle, you can check the tire pressure by putting it in neutral and using one of those hand-held tire gauges.

  1. Check The Air Filter

Clean The Cutting Deck

A dirty air filter can cause your mower to run poorly, so it’s essential to check the filter regularly and change it when necessary. Check the owner’s manual for instructions on how often to change filters and what filter you should use for your mower.

  1. Clean The Cutting Deck

Clean The Cutting Deck

After each use, clean your mower’s cutting deck with a stiff brush or a pressure washer to remove dirt, grass clippings, and other debris that can build up over time. This will help keep your mower running smoothly and extend its life span.

Are Spartan Lawnmowers Reliable?

Spartan lawnmowers are among the most reliable lawnmowers on the market. They’re built to last and can be used for years without problems. Simple mowers have been around for a long time, so many people know about them and have seen them in action. The company has earned a reputation for making quality products, so there’s no reason to think that its lawnmowers are any different from others in their category.

Why Do Spartan Mowers Cut Unevenly On Inclines?

Spartan mowers are designed to cut unevenly on inclines, as this is the most efficient way for them to work. For example, if you set your mower to cut even on an angle, it would cause the blade to dig into the soil and spin the wheels. This would cause you to push even more than usual and could also harm people with back problems.

The best thing you can do is ensure that your lawn is flat and level before using your Spartan mower. If there are any areas where the grass is uneven or sloped, try using a different mower instead until you can get rid of those issues in your yard.

Spartan Mower Fuel Gauge Is Not Working

One of the most common problems with the Spartan mower is that the fuel gauge needs to be fixed. This can be highly frustrating as it makes it impossible to know when your mower will run out of gas or if there is still enough left in the tank. Many people have found that they have been running out of gas unexpectedly due to this problem.

Spartan Mower Electrical Fault

The Spartan mower will not start. The engine does not turn over, or it turns but does not start. This can be due to various causes, but it is usually due to low voltage or bad batteries. If you have recently charged your battery and it will not start the mower, you may need a new battery or alternator. If your battery is older than five years, it is recommended that you replace it before using your mower again.

Suppose the battery appears to be refined and is fully charged. In that case, you should check if there are any loose connections on the starter solenoid and any other electrical connections around your engine area (this includes wiring harnesses). Also, check for any corrosion on the terminals with a wire brush or sandpaper and apply some dielectric grease to the terminals for a better connection.

If everything appears fine with the electrical system, you should check if there are any loose spark plug wires around your engine area and loose ignition wires. These parts can cause problems when starting up due to poor connections and overheating issues within these parts, causing them to become brittle over time from being exposed.

Spartan Mower Problems Gas Problems

The Spartan mower is an excellent option for small to medium-sized lawns. The mower is easy to use and has a decent set of features. However, there are some common problems that owners of this mower face.

Gas Problems: One of the most common issues with Spartan mowers is gas problems. Due to poor quality fuel or bad spark plugs, these machines can be hard to start or won’t start at all.

Engine Overheating: In some cases, the engine overheats and needs to be cooled down before you can continue cutting your lawn. This can be due to several reasons, including improper lubrication or poor airflow through the cooling fins on the engine block.

Stalling: Another issue with these machines is stalling out while cutting your lawn. This problem usually arises when the engine isn’t getting enough fuel or when there’s an obstruction in the carburetor jets or fuel lines.

Spartan Mower Spindle Problems

The spindles on your lawn mower link the wheels and the deck. They can have problems, but they are relatively easy to repair.

All mowers are different, so you may need to research your specific model before attempting this repair. If you need to figure out what you’re doing, it’s best to take it to a lawn mower repair shop.

Some common problems with spindles include:

Worn Spindles: The spindle is the round rod that holds your wheels onto your lawn mower. If this wears out or bends, it can cause an uneven cut on your lawn or make it difficult for you to push or pull the mower across your yard.

Bent Spindles: A bent spindle is usually caused by hitting something with the blades spinning, like a rock or metal. Bent spindles will make your lawn look jagged because they won’t allow the wheels to spin properly when cutting grass. The bent area will catch on everything as you push or pull the lawn mower around, so you’ll likely notice it immediately after hitting something with your blades spinning at full speed.

Spartan Mower Keypad Problems

If your keypad is not responding correctly, check to see if there is any debris in the button or if it has been pushed in. If so, remove it and clean off any dirt or debris. Also, check to see if there are any cracks or chips in the plastic housing of your keypad. If so, these should be replaced as soon as possible so that they do not cause further issues with your mower.

Spartan Mower Control Panel Problems

The control panel for the Spartan mower may need to be replaced if it fails to operate correctly. This can occur for several reasons, including a bad switch or wiring connection. The control panel is under the seat on the left side of the mower. It should have an indicator light on it, indicating whether it is on or off. If this indicator light does not work, you will need to replace the entire control panel.


Spartan Mowers are easy to use and maintain. But, as with any product, you can expect to run into some problems now and then. Fortunately, proper maintenance and care can prevent most common Spartan Mower problems.

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