How To Put A Belt On A Murray Riding Lawn Mower Diagram?

Murray lawn mower is a very prominent name when it comes to lawn mowers. The Murray riding lawn mowers are a great help for people who have small to medium-sized lawns or gardens. They easily trim the grass with the help of these riding lawn mowers.

However, sometimes people do complain about the low work efficiency of these Murray riding lawn mowers. There can be multiple reasons. Sometimes the problem can be in the spark plug. If blades are not sharped over regular periods, it can also reduce the trimming efficiency of lawn mowers. However, in one case a lawn mower stops moving at all. This is a clear symbol that the blade belt in the lawn mower is either broken or loose. In such a case, you have to replace the blade belt with a new one. If you are looking for a step-by-step guide to put a belt on a Murray riding lawn mower diagram, you are on the right page.

Fortunately, this article has enlisted a complete guide to changing the belt on a riding lawn mower.

A complete guide to putting a belt on a Murray riding lawn mower:

Lawn mowers are a regular part of maintenance so it is substantial to keep the machinery in reliable conditions to avoid lawn trimming problems. Often, the blade belt of the lawn makers breaks while working, and this is when the problem starts. Lawn mowers stop moving if the blade belt does not fit perfectly in its place. You can fix the problem with these easy steps.

Make sure the new belt matches the size of the original belt in the lawn mower. For this purpose, you might consider reading the owners manual to get the exact replacement. However, if the manual is not available, you can remove the old belt and read if the details are still visible on the belt. If you still could not find out, google the lawn mower. Put the relevant details, such as years of manufacture for your lawn mower, and try to locate the belt through google.

First of all, you need to collect all the tools that might help you replace the blade belt of the Murray lawn mower.

Tools you would require:

Step 1. Take out the spark plug

Take out the spark plug

First of all, place the lawnmower at a leveled surface, so the work becomes easy. Now the next step is, if you just used the lawnmower, let your engine cool down. Then take out the spark plug wire from the spark plug connector. This will ensure that the engine of your lawn mower will not start working unintentionally. Now access the parking brakes of the mower and engage them.

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Step 2. Remove moving deck 

Before replacing the belt, you have to unwind some areas of the mower.

  • First of all, drop the moving deck to the lowest position you can, towards the ground surface.
  • Go right back to your rear wheel, here you will find a real in-between wheel and fender.
  • Right there would be a visibly big clip.
  • Take out the clip. Just right behind the clip, you will find a washer. Take it out as well.
  • Now keep them together and mark them as the part you took them off.
  • This way it would be easy to place them back.
  • Now move towards the right front of the mower. You will find another clip under your footrest.
  • This arm connects the mower to the frame. Take out the clip and washer right behind it.
  • Now you just need to take off the arms with little pressure through your hands.
  • You will see the moving deck has only one attachment now, and that is the belt.
  • There will be a belt guide that keeps the belt around the pulley on track.
  • Take the belt out of the pulley.
  • Now repeat the process on the right side, take off the clips from the back arms.
  • Remove the belt from the pulley.
  • In some moving decks, there is an extra attachment right in front of the deck, take it off.
  • Now you will notice a cable that attaches the moving deck to the upper machinery.
  • Take off the clips, and detach the cable from the bracket. The cable is attached to the spring.
  • Pull that spring out, and unhook it from the main attached area.
  • Your moving deck is now free to change the belt.

Step 3. Install the new belt

Now as you have taken off the moving deck, you can see how the belting is routing around different pulleys. A careful look at the mechanism. You can also make a diagram of the pulleys and belts. Let’s install the new belt now.

Note: always remember that the belt contains two different sides. One is flat and the other is V-shaped. Similarly, the pulleys also vary in shape. In one pulley, you need to keep the V-shaped belt in the inside direction. In other pulleys, keep the flat side in the inside direction of the pulley. Place Flat side of the belt inside, if the pulley is flat on the surface. Similarly, where the surface of the pulley is V-shaped, you will put the V-shape on the inner side of the pulley.

  • You can see a belt diagram on the moving deck. If the moving deck is too old, look into the owners’ manual.
  • Now, loop the moving deck around all the mandrel pulleys.
  • Follow the systemic pattern as it is mentioned on the diagram.
  • Now you need to adjust the drive belt, through the idlers’ pulleys.
  • Route the drive belt around idlers’ pulleys.
  • You also need to route the belt around belt keepers carefully.
  • Once you have routed the drive belt around the pulleys and keepers, you can move the moving deck under the frame.
  • Reconnect all the attachments, clips, washers, to the arms of the mower.
  • Place all the clips and washers back.
  • Route the blade through the belt keepers.
  • Now reconnect the spark plug.
  • Your new drive belt has been successfully installed.

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Lawn mowers are an essential appliance when it comes to maintaining trimming and shaping the gardens and lawns. However, sometimes lawn mowers stop moving from the position. One of the main reasons behind this can be rupture of wear of the drive belt. To get the work done, you have to change the drive belt of the riding lawn mower.

You need to detach the moving decks, detach all the arms, clips, washers, and cables that attach the moving deck to the riding surface. Then install the new belt by following the direction, as given on the owners’ manual or as described in the above points. Then attach all the things back, and your lawn however is all set to work again.